Pharaoh's Bar & Upper

Located on the 63rd & 64th floor of the newly opened Lotte Hotel Hanoi, this Egyptian themed bar offers a unique panoramic city view. Together with signature cocktails, Pharaoh’s Bar & Upper is a great venue for unwinding after a long working day or just for enjoying the stylish atmosphere.


Q Bar

Peak Experience: Sa Pa-inspired molecular cocktails amidst Hanoi’s grandest view.

Boasting a vantage-point 62 storeys above the hustle of Hanoi, Q Bar delivers the kind of breathtaking perspective that can change how you think about any city.

Located well into the ascent of the iconic Landmark72, once you’ve appreciated your lack of physical (and metaphorical) proximity to the street below, drinking any one of their ‘Classic Molecular’ or ‘Signature’ smoky cocktails - handcrafted by renowned French mixologist, Fabien Marcault - will quickly have you understanding why Q Bar maintains a strong claim on being the perfect place to immerse yourself in a unique part of Hanoi nightlife.

Q Bar HN

Inspired Drinks

Far from being a one-trick pony with a height advantage, Q Bar’s signature drinks list is heavily inspired by the foggy mountain resort town of Sa Pa. This is where in the dramatic northern highlands of Vietnam, ethnic minority hill tribes still live as they have done for centuries. Do not let this fool you. The heightened experience that is Q Bar’s premium venue is a thoroughly modern one, with even the stylish curves of the bar’s luxurious interior emulating the look of Sa Pa’s famous paddy fields. It’s an ambience you won’t mistake.

Q Bar HN

Among the must-tries for first timers are the ‘The Smoky’, a visceral treat of blended whiskey, Black Tea Syrup, Lemon, Ginger and Rhubarb Bitter that acts to replicate the nightly fog that descends on the mountain capital’s winding switchbacks and dimly-lit corridors. Also worth considering are the ‘1 Night in Sapa’, made from the whiskey of your choice, Tabasco Syrup, Red Vermouth, Cranberry Juice and Old Fashioned Bitter, and if Dark Rum is more your thing, you can also try the Lao Cai Summer.

Q Bar HN

With a regular international clientele to impress, Q Bar doesn’t neglect the classics either, infusing Marcault’s ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ into their versions of the Negroni, a Gin Martini and the house favourite Bellini, another ‘smoker’ not to be missed in the lineup.



La Fee Verte Bar

La Fee Verte Bar is the signature tavern of the Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi. Taking its title from the historical name for Absinthe, the infamous hallucinatory beverage of the Belle Epoque, La Fee Verte Bar makes every Hanoi evening a lavish event in the style of turn-of-the-century Paris _ minus the mind bending, green-hued, wormwood- infused drink of course. Delight in a full range of hot and cold beverages in a sleek, modern atmosphere.

Want to go someplace where an evening drink takes on the proportions of a lavish event of ritual and celebration? Yes? Then head to La Fee Verte Bar located inside Hanoi's Hotel de l'Opera. The bar's minimalist lighting and cosy and contemporary interior design will transport you to a place of serenity and contemplation, and all without the aid of a single drop of 'The Green Fairy'.


Pasteur Street Brewing Co.’s Hanoi Tap Room

New Location for Craft Brews in Hanoi

Since Pasteur Street Brewing Co. started crafting its innovative brews in 2014, it has developed more than 500 different beers. Saigon was the natural place to enter into the fledgling craft beer movement—creativity and new flavours are always on trend with Saigon’s young population. But now the brewer has travelled North to the capital city of Hanoi to expand the footprint of craft brewing in Vietnam with another one of their signature Tap Rooms.

Just behind the historical St. Joseph’s cathedral in the Old Quarter, the sign for Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Hanoi beckons passers-by. Lights glimmer from the top of the building’s burnished wood and concrete facade, as the sounds of convivial conversation float down from the Tap Room’s roofbar. Hanoi may be cold during the winter months but Pasteur Street Brewing Co. is the perfect place to warm up with a group of friends and a few pints of their excellent beer.


Though Pasteur Street is available in more than 200 restaurants, bars and hotels all over Vietnam, it is only in one of the brewer’s Tap Rooms that customers can experience a full range of flavours. In Hanoi during the winter months the brewer focuses on keeping a few heavier beers on tap such as the El Vietnamo (which won the gold medal at the International Beer Cup in Tokyo 2017 for Chili Beer) and The Foolish Destroyer Barleywine because the climate calls for a deeper flavour profile. However, the brand takes care to always keep a wide selection of lighter beers, and fruity and zesty tastes on hand as well such as in their flagship beers Passion Fruit Wheat Ale, Jasmine IPA and Spice Island Saison.


The beers change regularly so you’ll always be in for an adventure in taste when you head into the Tap Room. The friendly staff can help steer you in the right direction based on your preferences and if you’re lucky you’ll happen upon a Meet the Brewer event where you can get information about all your favourite brews from the makers themselves. Check their facebook page for current information.


Pasteur Street Brewing Co.’s Hanoi taproom is ideal for group gatherings because of its expansive two-storey space and charming outdoor seating area. Grab a few friends for a pint or head over solo if you’re in the mood for a beer and a lively atmosphere.


What Visitors Say

The brewer has an overwhelming 82 percent of 4 to 5 star ratings on

Reviewers mentioned enjoying the rooftop bar, a refuge from the crowded streets below.

The strong selection of beers that are not standard in most Vietnamese bars and the lack of pretension also got several shout-outs.

Pasteur Street Brewing Co.’s Hanoi taproom got a strong 7.6 rating on with an excellent 8.2 score for “Quality”.

What City Pass Guide Says

Pasteur Street Brewing Co. has built a loyal following with its marriage of American-style craft brewing with original Vietnamese flavour additions. Come for the beer but stay to learn more about craft brewing from the passionate taproom staff. The Hanoi Tap Room is the perfect place to step away from the intense energy of Hanoi’s historic Old Quarter. Whether the weather is sweltering or bitterly cold, Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Hanoi is a beer lover’s haven.

Other Locations

In HCMC, not Hanoi? Try out Pasteur Street Brewing Co.’s other taprooms around the city.

The Original Taproom | 144 Pasteur Street, District 1, HCMC

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 4pm – 11pm & Friday – Sunday 11am – 11pm | Phone: +84 28 3823 9562

Hem Taproom | 144/3 Pasteur Street, District 1, HCMC

Opening hours: Daily 11am – 11pm | Phone: +84 28 7300 7375

Filling Station | 29 Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 4pm – 11pm & Friday – Sunday 11am – 11pm | Phone: +84 28 6273 0562



Bar Déjà Vu

Those looking for a drink with a view should visit this stylish and modern bar. It also has the reputation of going the extra mile to ensure a more personalised service.


La Plume Bar & Lounge

Located in the historical part of Hanoi, La Plume tells you beautiful stories about Vietnamese culture. The stunning decor is inspired by the design of the legendary Long Bien bridge. La Plume is a hotspot for all day snacks and evening drinks. Awesome cocktails are mixed by Vietnam’s champion Pham Tien Tiep, whilst the wine list is comprised of an impressive 450 labels. Executive chef Dao Van Son who has worked with many Michelin starred chefs, prepares authentic snacks using local organic and imported products. Items on the menu range from European to truly Vietnamese specialties.


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