Amadora Wellness & Spa

The architectural and design themes of Amadora Wellness & Spa in Hanoi, showcase a combination of Champa artistry and Western modern styles. Inferring many aspects of culture and religion, these themes convey vivid impressions about diversified shades of ancient and modern design. There is a welcoming ambience as soon as customers walk through the door. In Amadora’s cozy, distinct and artistic space, there is a feeling of immersive calmness.

Beside the Champa artwork such as pottery, porcelain items and reliefs, contemporary art also exists in unique paintings depicting peaceful and refined characteristics. There is a variety of flowers and plants inside Amadora, bringing a natural, organic feel to the space. In addition, modern furnishings are very comfortable and give the spa a contemporary feel.

Not every spa in Hanoi trains its staff to these high standards. At Amadora Wellness & Spa they trained to very high standards indeed, are always enthusiastic and attentive and take care of customers.

Amadora Wellness & Spa was built over five floors and includes 14 Spa rooms designated for skin care, two rooms for hair treatment and one multi-functional water based treatment pool. Amadora presents three distinct treatments: Multi-functional water based treatment, light based sauna therapy and Turkish hammam steam sauna.

Multi-functional water based treatment aim to massage different areas of the body; this is called acupressure. You will feel wonderful as the water touches your body; in addition this treatment helps enhance circulation, skin tone, joints, muscle tension and even digestion. Light-based sauna therapy uses a special type of heater – called an infrared radiant heater. In combination with a Turkish hammam, light-based sauna therapy brings a more enhanced relaxation than traditional massage therapies. These treatments not only remove toxins and dead cells on the skin surface but also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and support weight loss.

Amadora Wellness & Spa in Hanoi captures the essence of several countries: Japan, Thailand, Turkey and France – masters in the spa industry; each employee is trained according to the scientific systems employed, so all styles are represented well. Any cosmetic products used in treatments are from leading brands.

We had a chance to experience the facial and body treatment of Amadora Wellness & Spa. We were enthusiastically welcomed by reception staff and attended to throughout the treatment. Well-trained hands combined with rose-scented essential oils to bring a delightful sensation as we had our treatments done. Muscle soreness in feet, shoulders and waist were taken care through therapeutic massage and acupressure processes. When you are looking for things to do in Hanoi, imagine being completely immersed in tranquility and music. We seemed to forget about all worries and completely relax our body and my mind.


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