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The Marble Mountains are one of Vietnam's most popular attractions. They are located South of Danang, right on the street along My Khe beach to Hoi An.

Marble Mountain

How to Get Marble Moutains Vietnam

You can get there easily by bicycle or motorbike. If you are coming from Danang, just follow Truong Sa street to the South and after about seven kilometers you will see the pagoda of the Marble Mountains and the elevator shaft on your right hand side. Local stonemasons will instantly offer an opportunity to park your ride in exchange for the promise to take a look at their wares when you return from the mountains.

If you wish to visit the Marble Mountains coming from Hoi An, just follow Lac Long Quan street along the shore for approximately 18 kilometers.
And that is how it looks like from the street:

How to Get to Marble Mountain

Touts at the Marble Mountains

Plagued by touts, the Marble Mountains in Danang have garnered an unfavourable reputation among visitors. Pick the right time of day though and exploring these majestic mounts can be exhilarating. There is a main cave which houses a beautiful cham Buddha which sits under a natural shaft of light. Grottos, pagodas and quiet places to meditate also abound.

“Ignore them!” is the local’s advice about the intrusive vendors. After a time they get the message and save their energy for the next cluster of foreigners. But you needn’t go away empty handed and you can find some interesting things to buy.

Souvenirs Marble Mountain

Shopping for Stone Carvings in Marble Mountains Danang

The local people around the Marble Mountains are famed for their delicate carvings. And there are plenty of bargains to be made at the numerous shops around the base of the mountains. Just make sure you deal amiably but firmly with the shop owners’ sometimes overly enthusiastic sales pitch.

Accessing the Marble Mountains

Getting up the mountains has never been easier. There is now a space-age lift. But if you really want to get to grips with the mountains, there’s no better way than climbing the steps. Go at your own pace and take the time to check out the many tunnels, caves and grottos, and refresh with a cool drink or some local food at the stalls that abound on the mountains.

The traditional Marble Mountains consist of five crags, named after the five elements in traditional Chinese philosophy.

Marble Mountain Danang

History of the Marble Mountains - Vietnam

Marble Mountains are a center of worship since the time of ancient Champa. The female Buddha in the grotto next to the descent into the main cavern is over 400 years old.

During the American war, the Marble Mountains served the North Vietnamese army as a hideout and prominent lookout post. From the peaks of the crags, they had a formidable view of the American airport and sea harbor. The partisans hiding in the caves were one of the main sources of intel for the North.

Pagoda Statue Marble Mountain Danang

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