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Returning from your romantic vacation in Dalat, you will want to bring home some top souvenirs from Vietnam’s “City of Eternal Spring”. But what kind of authentic keepsakes can you buy in Dalat?

Best Souvenirs from Dalat

Dalat is famous for its agricultural produce, so the best souvenirs are delicious snacks, hearty coffee and healthy herbal infusions. You can buy these items in and around Dalat Central Market. They also sell plants and oddly shaped root figures which make nice keepsakes.

Khoai Sấy Giòn

One of the great snacks around Dalat that travelers from Saigon usually bring as a gift from the city, is khoai sấy giòn, sweet-potato chips. They are delicious and only slightly sweet. You can also purchase a  version with more sugar if you want.

Fruit Jam

There are two kinds of jam in Dalat, the first being the sort of jam we know as jam or marmalade. It’s usually made of strawberries and extraordinarily sweet.

The second type in this city, what the Vietnamese also call jam, are candied fruits and roots, such as coconut meat, mango, papaya or ginger. Dalat produces these delightful treats at reasonable prices.


If your friends are into a healthy lifestyle, why not fetch them some of Dalat’s herbal infusions. Trà atisô, artichoke infusion, is especially popular in Dalat and the Highlands. You can sample the interesting drink all around the market, so if you like tea and are a fan of healthy living, definitely invest.


Dalat is Vietnam’s prime wine region, and you can find wine shops selling the red or white beverage in various qualities and price categories in many stores around the city center.

Weasel Coffee

One of the oddest, but most enjoyable delicacies of the Highlands is weasel coffee. You can read about our visit at one of the weasel coffee farms here. This type of beverage is quite rare, pricy and makes an excellent souvenir for coffee lovers all over the world.

Non-Food Souvenirs from Dalat

Even if Dalat is famous for its food and agricultural produce, they also offer some more permanent souvenirs to take away. The top picks among those are:

Silk Embroidery

In the Central Market, next to the main entrance, there is a staircase that leads to the top floor where you will find a showroom for beautifully artistic silk embroidery pieces. These artworks are truly exquisite and make excellent keepsakes - for a price.

Another opportunity to obtain embroidered silk items from Dalat is to visit the XQ Historical Village, where you can even watch the embroiderers at work.

Áo Dài & Fashion

The same shop selling choice Dalat silks, mentioned above, offers beautiful and colorful fabric and traditional tailored clothing, some in the style of the king generation.

Traditional & Ethnic Handicrafts

If you are in search for more extravagant and equally colorful souvenirs, check out the city’s many street vendors and stallholders from ethnic minorities. They sell embroidered purses and bags in vivid colors, that are a pleasure to look at.

Shopping in Dalat

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