point-of-interest IN DA LAT

When traveling to Dalat, you will find many well-known landmarks and sights to see. But what if you like to get more in-depth?

Prime Points of Interest in Dalat

Slightly off the beaten track and often not mentioned in Dalat guidebooks, are the city’s interesting factories and workshops that are open for visitors. Not only you can watch the people doing their jobs and get to understand how local food is made or silk is embroidered, you also can buy the results of their effort and know where it comes from.

Dalat Tofu Factory

This tofu factory, or rather two-person-workshop is usually one of the first stops at a local Easy Rider tour through Dalat. You can see the couple at work and learn how to make tofu. The products are usually sold in bulk to local restaurants and school cafeterias.

Dalat Silk Weaving

Unwinding the cocoons and processing the silk strands to create the fine and smooth fabric that is natural silk is an interesting process. At the silk weaving factory in Dalat you can gain insight into the procedure, and finally understand why silk is one of today’s most sought-after trading goods and has been for thousands of years.

Dalat Weasel Coffee Farm

Weasel coffee is among the most interesting products of Vietnam. At the weasel coffee farm you see how picky the civets are when it comes to eating and digesting the fresh coffee berries. They only eat perfect berries and their enzymes change the chemical properties of the coffee beans. Once pooped out, the beans are cleaned and roasted to perfection.

Dalat Tea Plantations

Tea is one of the staple products in Vietnam, and the highlands of Dalat offer perfect conditions for excellent tea. Visiting a tea plantation in Dalat is a vital part of the itinerary of many Easy Rider tours in the Highlands.

Dalat produces a good amount of high-quality black (red) teas and Oolong tea varieties, mostly for export. The most valued product however, is the green tea. It is said that the green tea takes on the flavor of Dalat’s fresh morning dew.

point-of-interest IN Da Lat