markets IN DA LAT

As soon as you get to the city center of Dalat, the huge central market catches your eye. There you can buy merchandise and produce from the Highlands.

The first and foremost market in Dalat City is Dalat Market itself. Prominently located right at the center of the city, Dalat Market offers a broad variety of things you might wish for, whether you forgot to bring warm clothes to the Highlands or you are hunting for souvenirs to impress your friends back home.

Now, most souvenirs you bring from Dalat are of culinary nature, so pick up anything you desire, from healthy artichoke infusion to delicious sweet potato chips, you can find many products at the central market.

One of the cool things at the stalls that sell dried or candied fruit is they usually let you try a sample of various snacks to help you decide which one to buy. Some stalls even brew up the local infusions for sampling.

At the main entrance you climb separate stairs to reach a shop where you can buy the finest Áo dài fabric of the Highlands, high quality linen clothing in either vintage or ethnic look, and hand-embroidered silk of stunning beauty.

In the evening, the entire area around Dalat Market turns into a bustling night market where you can shop and barter for the price to your heart’s content. From clothing over snacks to potted cacti, the night market of Dalat lacks nothing.

Of course, whether it’s the central market itself, the night market or one of the countless shops at the city center, the main products are fresh or conserved produce of Dalat. Teas and infusions, jams and honey, dried fruit and vegetable chips and, last but not least, fresh vegetables directly from the farms.

Be careful though, even on the market in Dalat, you might encounter cheap and toxic imports from China. It is sad, but some sorts of vegetables are cheaper imported than produced. Also the fresh strawberries are neither healthy nor sweet, locals repeatedly warned us to keep our fingers from these because of the excessive use of pesticide.

markets IN Da Lat