Crazy House in Dalat

Dalat City offers a variety of cool things to see, but the Crazy House, also known by the formal name of Hằng Nga Villa is the weirdest landmark and tourist attraction in Dalat. It is actually a hotel that is open to visitors for sightseeing during the daytime and it impressively shows off what happens when you let a wealthy artist act as an architect.

The opening times of the Dalat Crazy House as of 1 December 2014 are:8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The entrance fee is VND 35,000.

The Crazy House in Dalat is a project like no other. Ms. Dang Viet Nga, owner, architect and designer of the Crazy House follows a philosophy that could be best described as “back to the roots.” This way of thinking shows in the architecture of the famous Hang Nga Villa in two ways:

First, the design follows natural shapes, roots, branches and rocks, sculpted with concrete and overgrown with climbing plants, making the Crazy House look like a giant tree house.

Second, certain design elements lead visitors back to the roots of their childhood. Mushroom seats, the sculpture of a honey-craving bear and steep stairs that actually are the neck of a giant concrete giraffe. Just to name a few.

Take your time when visiting the Crazy House of Dalat. This is not a location to rush through, because there is so much to see. Take stairs that leave the obvious track in odd directions, seemingly leading nowhere, and you might end up at a previously unknown vantage point that lets you experience the craziest landmark of Dalat City from an entirely new angle.

Crazy House Dalat

The individually themed rooms that range between VND 290,000 to 630,000 per night can be inspected through their gates if they are unoccupied. You will find the Bee Room, which is shaped like a bee hive, the Bear Room, the Kangaroo Room and the amazing Ant Room.

If you are not suffering from altophobia, climb the winding stairs and find your way up to the highest roof. There you not only have an excellent view on the premises of the Crazy House, but also of Dalat City.

Next to the entrance, you can find a small room about the architect and owner, Ms. Dang Viet Nga, with photos and general information about the architecture and the artistic process that formed Dalat’s famous Crazy House.


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