architecture IN DA LAT

Dalat is Vietnam’s “Town of Eternal Spring” and used to be the prime getaway for wealthy French during the colonial era. Until today, the architecture of Dalat City merges European and Asian style elements.

Between the mountains and vegetable farms that make up the landscape around Dalat City, visitors can find a selection of colonial and post-colonial landmarks and other interesting sights.

Dalat University is an amazing structure and definitely worth a visit. The bent building looks quite off in a way, but it makes a great background for pictures. Every wedding photographer in the highlands has been there at least once.

The Summer Palace of King Bao Dai is a beautiful sight. Built with a hint of art deco style, it is open to visitors who would like a glimpse into the history of Dalat.

The Dalat Palace, built between 1916 and 1922, retains features of the colonial era and is still functioning as a hotel.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda in Dalat is the probably most beautiful pagoda in and around the city, and a must-see in Vietnam. They are in a permanent process of extending, improving and renovating the pagoda and temple as a form of worship.

The Crazy House is a major tourist attraction in Dalat, Vietnam. Built by Ms. Dang Viet Nga it serves both as a great monument to visit and a slightly queer, but cozy hotel. The structure is made of sculpted concrete and grants the building an organic look with impressions right out of a children’s fairytale.

Dalat Railway Station was built in 1943 and shows some art deco elements from the era. You can visit the train station and inspect an old steamer and the interesting architecture. A more modern, Japanese train actually takes you over a restored part of the railway to the village of Trai Mat where you can visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, but take your time.

Dalat provides tourists with winding roads and hidden treasures to see. The best option to find interesting spots is to ride around on your rented motorbike and explore the local sights on the way. Between vegetable farms and hills you can discover pagodas, old villas and museums.

architecture IN Da Lat