Sacom Golf Course in Dalat

Challenge yourself at Dalat’s newest golf course, Sacom Golf Club, a non-beginner 18-hole course surrounded by enfolding hills and flora, managed by one of Vietnam’s first pro golfers.

Golfers retreating to the highlands for cool weather and beautiful vistas have two superb choices in and around Dalat City: Dalat Palace Golf Course and Sacom Golf Club. Both offer their own unique advantages, but if you’re looking for a more secluded and modern option, a quick trip outside the city will lead you to Sacom’s recently constructed Bermuda- and Bent-grass-covered Sacom Golf Club grounds.

Dalat golf courses tend to use their natural surroundings well, and Sacom’s golf course is no exception. The enfolding hills surrounding the course are ridged, patchworked with vegetation and provide a cozy enclosure around the grounds that both shades from sun and the outside world. It’s a ravishing environment, and one where you can focus on your game without distraction. Thanks to the cool highland weather, you can play all day in the sun without breaking a sweat.

And you’ll have to focus quite a bit – this isn’t a beginner course, with only several relatively straightforward holes, the rest obstructed by pines, difficult angles, bunkers and bodies of water. Sacom does have coaches on hand, though, and from the time we spent with them on the course, we can tell you they’re worth it.

Golf course green fees are reasonable. Sacom offers the following rates:

Green and Caddy Fee

9 Holes: VND 960,000 on weekdays and VND 1.2 million on weekends

18 Holes: 1.6 million on weekdays and VND 2 million on weekends

Buggy Fee

9 Holes: VND 400,000 on weekdays and weekends

18 Holes: VND 800,000 on weekdays and weekends

Sacom Golf Club is approximately 15 km from Dalat’s city center, and Sacom Resort is approximately 10 km away from the center. The resort comprises of 125 villas situated lakeside. The golf grounds themselves contain a clubhouse with 22 rooms for golfers playing consecutive days. Room rates start at VND 1.2 million per night. Sacom is currently building a four-star resort by the clubhouse, set to finish in October of 2015. The golf club also contains golf equipment for rent, a golf shop with several major brands and a Vietnamese and Western restaurant. 


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