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Vietnamese Language Personal Pronouns Use is Challenging

Vietnamese Personal Pronouns

Learning Vietnamese seems to be hard for a lot of ex-pats or foreigners but it really just takes a bit of practice and patience to be able to learn and understand it. Vietnamese language personal pronouns are typically used in written forms, or in a more formal setting.   In conversations, Vietnamese use ‘kinship’ honorific terms of … Read more

How Safe or Unsafe are Laughing Gas Ballons on Bui Vien?

All along Bui Vien, bar owners are armed with Laughing Gas Balloons. With a constant influx of young travelers eager for adventure and excitement, Bui Vien is notorious for its debauched, chaotic, and often messy nights.     Every night of the week the strip of bars along Bui Vien and neighboring roads De Tham, … Read more

Best Restaurants in Thao Dien – Thu Duc City

The Best Local & International Restaurants to Try In Thao Dien abound. When people first visit or move to Saigon, they are often surprised by the incredible range of culinary options at their disposal. Vietnam has for a long time offered a heady variety of delicious dishes of its own, and that is still the case.   … Read more

The most popular celebrities in Vietnam

Vietnam's most popular celebrities|Vietnam's most popular celebrities SON TUNG M-TP|MC TRAN THANH|KHOI MY

Vietnam has a relatively young entertainment industry. It started three decades ago when the Doi Moi reforms lifted economic and cultural barriers. Since then, the Internet has given rise to a host of new celebrities, and now we can establish who is Vietnam’s most popular celebrities.   Who are Vietnam’s most popular celebrities? According to statistics … Read more

Understanding Vietnam’s Food History

Vietnam's Food History is a Fascinating Story Worth Knowing|Geneva Convention 1952||||AgentOrange +++|Vietnam's food history||||||AgentOrange +++|Hoang Thi Cafe - coffee-shop-workspaces-

Vietnam’s food history is as complex as it is fascinating. Travel back in time with us to the days of peasants and emperors, colonization, and revolutions to discover the lineage of some of Vietnam’s most essential dishes.   Vietnam’s food history began with the birth of noodles The known history of Vietnam began around 12,000 BC when … Read more

Tết is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Tradition

Tết (Lunar New Year) is a Vietnamese tradition also known as Tết Nguyên Đán. It is a Vietnamese tradition celebrated from the 1st of January to the 3rd, according to the lunar calendar. Each year a different sacred animal in the Chinese Zodiac controls the luck and destinies of all people.   Tết (Lunar New Year) … Read more