Investconsult Legal Services

History of INVESTCONSULT GROUP is closely linked with the implementation of “Doi Moi” process of the country. Ideas on establishment of a professional consulting company in Vietnam emerged in 1987 when Mr. Nguyen Tran Bat (engineer, lawyer, and now being the Chairman and the General Director of the Group) joined the establishment of the Bureau for Promotion and Development of Intellectual Property Activities in Vietnam, being the predecessor of Investment Intellectual Property Consultancy Company Ltd.

(INVESTIP) which is under the management of Ministry of Science and Technology. Two years later, in 1989, under the sponsorship of Vietnam Scientific Academy, Mr. Bat, together with other colleagues, established the Investment Consultancy and Technology Transfer Company (INVESTCONSULT Ltd), expanded and changed the business activities to provide foreign investment consulting services, one of the first companies in Vietnam to provide the consulting services in this field. With over 20 years of development, INVESTCONSULT GROUP nowadays has become a group of leading professional consulting companies in Vietnam with multi-industries services such as investment consultancy, business law, intellectual property, development, management, finance, etc.

INVESTCONSULT GROUP has 220 full-time staffs and more than 100 collaborators working in Hanoi Office (Head Office), Ho Chi Minh (Southern Office), Can Tho (Branch), and in many provinces in the country (Project Management Office). A prominent feature of INVESTCONSULT GROUP in providing the consulting services is professional tradition. This feature has been affirmed since the time of establishment of the Company, and it has been maintained and developed through many years and become the important principle in operation of the Group. Opinions and solutions given by the Group have reached the professionalism, independence and objectiveness in service quality Conforming to Vietnamese characteristic as well as the complex nature of social activities, INVESTCONSULT GROUP has utilized the multi-industries, comprehensive and practical approach. Consultants of the Group have profound knowledge in various fields through the internal communication or working in teamwork. Solutions given to clients, therefore, could satisfy the client’s demand in a very comprehensive and practical way.

Other strength of INVESTCONSULT GROUP lies in its wide international network of relations. The Group has not only advised foreign clients (including investors, foreign enterprises, foreign banks, international organizations and diplomatic corps...) on Vietnamese matters but also co-operated with many foreign professional organizations on consultancy, law and/or auditing in providing services. With many services reaching the international quality standard, INVESTCONSULT has become one of the most well-known and prestigious addresses for international business community in Vietnam.

In order to enhance the strategic and profound knowledge of the consultant services, in April 2000, INVESTCONSULT GROUP has established the InvestConsult Development Research Institute, which conducts professional studies on issues such as globalization, development of Vietnam and the enterprise. Research works are published in periodicals such as Science Monitor, Finance and Corporate Monitor and the World Today.

TQPR Vietnam


Vietnam’s first international public relations consultancy, established in 2004, now recognized as the leading communications company in the nation servicing international companies in a range of industries. Expertise In depth knowledge of the market, media, and dynamics that make Vietnam one of the most active economies in Asia. Fully independent and management owned, allowing for strong flexibility, and the total meeting of clients’ needs.

Worldcom Advantage TQPR is a partner in Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations counseling firms with more offices in more cities and countries than any communications network.

Dzungsrt & Associates


Dzungsrt & Associates LLC is a boutique shipping and ADR law firm with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Our highly qualified lawyers have assisted both international and local clients since 1994. The firm is a leader in the fields of shipping, commerce, insurance and dispute resolution. The Asia Pacific Legal 500 has recognized the firm as “Vietnam’s most reputable shipping law practice… incorporating a highly proficient ADR practice”.

Centre Notary Office


Centre Notary Office is amongst the first notary offices e stablished in H CMC. With years of experience and first-class facilities, customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed. The chief notary, Mr. Phạm Xuân Thọ, has 13 years experience working as the Chief Judge of the HCMC Economic Court and 10 years as a HCMC economic arbitator.


Sharp Ideas


As indicated in their slogan, the company is confident in their abilities “to bridge the gap between international marketing theories and understanding of Vietnam”. The team consists of Vietnamese professional marketers who are committed to provide their clients with the best services possible.

NO 1 Translation


Translation cost, per page: English to Vietnamese: VND50,000 / French, Russian, German, Chinese to Vietnamese: VND65,000 / Japanese, Korean to Vietnamese: VND80,000 / Laotian, Cambodian, Thai to Vietnamese: VND150,000 / Spanish, Portuguese, Italian to Vietnamese: VND160,000 / Arabic, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Swedish to Vietnamese: VND200,000 / Vietnamese to English: VND55,000 / Vietnamese to French, Russian, German, Chinese: VND70,000 / Vietnamese to Japanese, Korean: VND100,000 / Vietnamese to Spanish, Portuguese, Italian: VND180,000 / Vietnamese to Laotian, Cambodian, Thai: VND160,000 / Vietnamese to Arabic, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Swedish: VND250,000 /Other languages: quote after receiving the document. This translation agency also notarises documents and offers a 100% refund if errors in the translation are greater than 10%.


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