Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam

Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam’s philosophy is to be always close to its clients as a partner and a permanent adviser, reducing henceforth the global cost of risks Consulting is the strategic aspect of a broker’s work and represents its major added value. At Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam, risks are analyzed in accordance with the activity, the nature and the culture of every company to reduce its vulnerability and to find the necessary protection for the non-handling part of the risk at the optimum price Administration is the after-sales service ranging from the issuing of the policy to the settling of the claim and covers a number of operations. Through Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam, clients get a clear view of the economic balance of policy guarantees and an analysis of their claims experience.

Clients are assisted through administration centers that work with firms for the administration of their employee benefits plans, banks, mobile operators, local government authorities and for all types of risks for individuals. Intermediation: intermediation is by tradition the original role of a broker; it gives the client a good knowledge of the international markets as well as the activities market and provides the client with necessary protection at the optimum prove. Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam offers the client the benefit of experiences acquired by Gras Savoye since 1907 around the world, and since 1993 in Vietnam in negotiating the necessary protection at the optimum price with every insurance company based in Vietnam or, if necessary, abroad.

Tan Thuan Notary Office


Offering services outside of working hours, all public holidays and at customers’ appointed places. Although the office has just established recently in 2012, their head office has had more than 20 years of experience working in legal services and related fields.


Saigon Notary Office


Located right in the heart of the city, the office offers notary services of any kind. With a professional team graduated from Judicial Academy and the lead of Phan Văn Cheo, the first notary in Vietnam, they guarantee to provide customers with the best services.


TQPR Vietnam


Vietnam’s first international public relations consultancy, established in 2004, now recognized as the leading communications company in the nation servicing international companies in a range of industries. Expertise In depth knowledge of the market, media, and dynamics that make Vietnam one of the most active economies in Asia. Fully independent and management owned, allowing for strong flexibility, and the total meeting of clients’ needs.

Worldcom Advantage TQPR is a partner in Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations counseling firms with more offices in more cities and countries than any communications network.

G4B - Great 4 Business


Each market has its own unique needs, marketing strategy, operating style and customer/consumer profiles. Only by tailoring a program that fits the market's unique characteristics will you be able to strengthen your brand image, create differences and maximize sales.

G4B was established in 2004 and has gained a reputation as a highly energetic, professional marketing company that focuses on brand communications and promotion services. For years, we have been working with creativity and passion in brand empowering techniques and have found that our unique mix of procedure, dedication, commitment and attention to detail serves our clients well in a highly competitive business environment.

G4B is achieving its mission and is now recognized as a provider of high quality brand communication and promotional services to fast growing, high potential companies that are supporting the development of the Vietnamese economy.

Since December 2006 due to the knowledge and experience of the founders and associates in real estate, marketing and finance we have extended our business in to Real Estate Consulting. We are known as the first Vietnamese company to organize professionally the first Investment Conference, a showcase on Real Estate, after Vietnam joined the WTO in 2006.

We also organized successfully the first International Networking and Co-operation in Real Estate Brokerage & Investment Conference of Vietnam in March 2009. Focusing on real estate investment marketing, G4B Real Estate Marketing aimes to meet the investment needs of international investors and project-owners investing in Vietnam. G4B delivers values to Clients via its good wills in partnership and G4B’s man power.

The combination of experienced people with energetic ones and of Vietnamese with Expatriate allows G4B to pursuit its passion for solving Client’s marketing problems by the most innovative and effective communication solutions that exceed Clients' expectations.

Sharp Ideas


As indicated in their slogan, the company is confident in their abilities “to bridge the gap between international marketing theories and understanding of Vietnam”. The team consists of Vietnamese professional marketers who are committed to provide their clients with the best services possible.

Address: 7th Floor, Saigon Trade Center, 37 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1