Baker Tilly A & C

Commencing operations since 1992, our Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd. A&C prides ourselves as one of the leading independent auditing firms in Vietnam and the first firm under the management of the Ministry of Finance that has successfully performed 2 times of transforming the ownership forms according to the stipulations of the Government and the Ministry of Finance:

- From a State-owned enterprise to a State-owned joint stock company in December 2003.

- From a State-owned joint stock company to a multi-member limited Liability Company in February 2007.

During many years of operation, A&C has successfully developed a network of branches in the important economic centers of the country such as branches in Ha Noi, Nha Trang, and Can Tho. Besides that, A&C has also gradually maintained its position with various and diversified services in order to meet the more and more increasing demands of the market. Currently, A&C is concentrating on the following services:

- Auditing financial statements - Auditing operations - Auditing compliance - Performing internal audits - Auditing financial information.

- Auditing finalized investment accounts of construction projects, finalized accounts of projects, finalized construction accounts and finalized investment accounts of projects

- Inspecting financial position - Verifying projects - Valuing businesses.

- Giving advice on the investment, finance, accounting, taxation, equitization, business management and other aspects related to the operation of the enterprises in Vietnam.

- Providing accounting service and other services related to business activities at clients’ requests.

- Developing training and refresher courses on finance, accounting, auditing, taxation, business management, construction as well as other programs related to the market economy.

- Producing software and giving advice on IT application.

From January 2004 to April 2010, A&C was an official member of HLB International – a worldwide organization of professional accounting firms and business advisers, having head quarter in United Kingdom.

Since May 2010, A&C has officially become a member of Baker Tilly International – one of eight leading international auditing groups having head office at No. 2 Bloomsbury St. London, United Kingdom.

A&C has been providing services to more than 1,500 clients working in various business sectors and in various industries. Our achievements are obtained from the continuous endeavors of all A&C staff to gain the trust and the satisfaction of the clients through our performance. A&C understands that the auditing job is very challenging and always requires the experience accumulation as well as the improvement in professional skills and knowledge

Clients of A&C are:
· Foreign-invested capital enterprises and business cooperation contracts operating under the Investment Law and the Corporate Law of Vietnam.

· Vietnamese businesses of all economic sectors including manufacturing, construction, trading, hotel, banking, transportation, oil and gas, etc.

· International and domestic organizations, representative offices and individuals who are in need of our services.

· Projects funded by World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union and non-governmental organizations.

In professional activities, A&C is member of Vietnam Business Club (VBC) and of Vietnam Tax Consultancy Association (VTCA).

In social activities, A&C frequently takes part in many campaigns such as poverty fund, fund for building charity houses, fund for dioxin victims, etc. A&C regards these as the positive and contributive activities to the construction as well as the development of the country.

Dzungsrt & Associates


Dzungsrt & Associates LLC is a boutique shipping and ADR law firm with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Our highly qualified lawyers have assisted both international and local clients since 1994. The firm is a leader in the fields of shipping, commerce, insurance and dispute resolution. The Asia Pacific Legal 500 has recognized the firm as “Vietnam’s most reputable shipping law practice… incorporating a highly proficient ADR practice”.

Centre Notary Office


Centre Notary Office is amongst the first notary offices e stablished in H CMC. With years of experience and first-class facilities, customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed. The chief notary, Mr. Phạm Xuân Thọ, has 13 years experience working as the Chief Judge of the HCMC Economic Court and 10 years as a HCMC economic arbitator.


Sharp Ideas


As indicated in their slogan, the company is confident in their abilities “to bridge the gap between international marketing theories and understanding of Vietnam”. The team consists of Vietnamese professional marketers who are committed to provide their clients with the best services possible.

NO 1 Translation


Translation cost, per page: English to Vietnamese: VND50,000 / French, Russian, German, Chinese to Vietnamese: VND65,000 / Japanese, Korean to Vietnamese: VND80,000 / Laotian, Cambodian, Thai to Vietnamese: VND150,000 / Spanish, Portuguese, Italian to Vietnamese: VND160,000 / Arabic, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Swedish to Vietnamese: VND200,000 / Vietnamese to English: VND55,000 / Vietnamese to French, Russian, German, Chinese: VND70,000 / Vietnamese to Japanese, Korean: VND100,000 / Vietnamese to Spanish, Portuguese, Italian: VND180,000 / Vietnamese to Laotian, Cambodian, Thai: VND160,000 / Vietnamese to Arabic, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Swedish: VND250,000 /Other languages: quote after receiving the document. This translation agency also notarises documents and offers a 100% refund if errors in the translation are greater than 10%.


G4B - Great 4 Business


Each market has its own unique needs, marketing strategy, operating style and customer/consumer profiles. Only by tailoring a program that fits the market's unique characteristics will you be able to strengthen your brand image, create differences and maximize sales.

G4B was established in 2004 and has gained a reputation as a highly energetic, professional marketing company that focuses on brand communications and promotion services. For years, we have been working with creativity and passion in brand empowering techniques and have found that our unique mix of procedure, dedication, commitment and attention to detail serves our clients well in a highly competitive business environment.

G4B is achieving its mission and is now recognized as a provider of high quality brand communication and promotional services to fast growing, high potential companies that are supporting the development of the Vietnamese economy.

Since December 2006 due to the knowledge and experience of the founders and associates in real estate, marketing and finance we have extended our business in to Real Estate Consulting. We are known as the first Vietnamese company to organize professionally the first Investment Conference, a showcase on Real Estate, after Vietnam joined the WTO in 2006.

We also organized successfully the first International Networking and Co-operation in Real Estate Brokerage & Investment Conference of Vietnam in March 2009. Focusing on real estate investment marketing, G4B Real Estate Marketing aimes to meet the investment needs of international investors and project-owners investing in Vietnam. G4B delivers values to Clients via its good wills in partnership and G4B’s man power.

The combination of experienced people with energetic ones and of Vietnamese with Expatriate allows G4B to pursuit its passion for solving Client’s marketing problems by the most innovative and effective communication solutions that exceed Clients' expectations.

Address: 02 Truong Son St., Tan Binh Dist