EVA Air: Fly from Vietnam to Canada in Style

By: Arik Jahn

The Taiwanese airline EVA Air is adding flights to their Ho Chi Minh City-Canada route. Why so? Well, as strange as it might sound: first of all for historical reasons.

Vietnamese Canadians form one of the largest non-European ethnic groups in Canada – an impressive 220,000 have made this northern country their home, and that number is growing. Many of them were among the famous “boat people” from South Vietnam who fled the country after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Sixty thousand Vietnamese resettled in Canada by the late ‘70s.

As for so many other immigrants, Canadian Vietnamese are drawn to the country’s urban centres – most notably Vancouver, home to Vietnam’s Consulate General, and Toronto, which has the highest concentration of Vietnamese in all of Canada.

And where there’s family, Vietnamese want to visit. All the more if relatives have moved to North America, a region many Vietnamese still consider to be the land of milk and honey.

Starting 16 June 2017, the Taiwanese airline EVA Air is catering to this need, adding two extra flights per week to its Toronto-Ho Chi Minh City route; additionally, the airline will increase flights between Vancouver and Ho Chi Minh City to once a day. But why fly with EVA Air?

eva air

Five-Star Service at Reasonable Prices

Well, how about this: EVA Air is a 5-star airline. All right, 5-star is a widely overused term, but Skytrax, the definitive international benchmark for airline quality standards, does not use this label lightly. These flying experts know what makes an air trip great, and they awarded only nine airlines in the world with the top rating.

Service? On-board technology? Entertainment options? Comfort? Safety? All top-of-the-range.

EVA Air’s high-end fleet includes Boeing 777-300ERs, perfect for spoiling you with the best Wi-Fi quality during a cross-Pacific flight.

eva air

Thanks to a short layover time of only two to two-and-a-half hours at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, EVA Air minimises the overall flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Vancouver to a convenient 17.5 hours. A trip to Toronto takes a little more: 20 hours.

Feel at Home

Say, a Vietnamese mother and father are visiting their children who study in Toronto. What do they need most to feel at ease during their flight? Vietnamese flight attendants to navigate them through their journey.

EVA Air has a large number of Vietnamese crew members for an international airline. You can be sure to have at least one of them on all long-haul trips to North America. Especially elderly people appreciate that, as they do not always speak English.

EVA Air has set up a three-month ground training for all its crew staff, making sure its service maintains the highest safety and behavioural standards. The cabin crew know how to make you feel like at home when you fly with EVA Air.

eva air service

The staff will gladly assist with any issue you might possibly have. As most of the passengers between Vietnam and North America are Vietnamese, this is key to a convenient flight experience.

With the Vietnamese community growing in Canada, EVA Air smartly caters to an increasing need of comfortable and fast, yet affordable flights to the country’s key destinations – features that also attract Western expatriates who wish to visit their home country and, certainly not least, tourists.

Canada, the Asian Dream

Southeast Asians love Canada for many things their home countries don’t have: polar bears, for instance. It is truly cosmopolitan, space is vast, traffic is safe, healthcare is a public good, and it is cold – freezing cold – hence there’s snow!

The unequalled natural delights of a country which is home to a population that counts less than half of Vietnam’s, while its territory is the second-largest of the world, makes for a travel destination that is a change to ever-so-dense Ho Chi Minh City.

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The Rocky Mountains. The Niagara Falls. Do we have to say more?

No wonder the Taiwanese airline EVA Air is increasing their flight offer from Ho Chi Minh City to Vancouver and Toronto.


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