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Lac Viet Translation is the company receiving the most trust and reputation from clients in the multilingual translation and interpretation of specialized fields in Vietnam. We provide the professional services including translation, interpretation, fast notarized translation, document revision and subtitle movie translation.

During the past time, we not only bring the highest satisfaction to our customers but also continuously improve quality with the purpose of providing the best service for our customers.

Highlights of our services are as following:
Translation with quality standards and professional interpretation: Our translators and interpreters are experts being trained in professional and intensive manner. They only translate and interpret in accordance with their specialty. Furthermore, together with our professional translation process from receipt of customer's documents to translation and delivery to customers, it has created the most perfect translations.

Best service with cheapest cost: With much experience and extensive knowledge, we ensure to provide customers with the most cost and time-saving service.

Best standard customer service: Each order is monitored and supported 24/24 by the customer care department. Your documents will be provided the door-to-door delivery timely as required.
Typical documents that we have translated daily include certificates, diplomas, school reports, academic transcripts, birth certificate, ID Card/passport, family record books, marriage certificate, land use right certificates, personal financial support documents, financial statement, audit report, accounting and tax books, company prospectus, articles of association, labor agreement, business licenses, labor contracts, economic contracts, open letters, agreements, memorandum of understanding, consent forms, letter of intent, profile, bid documents, bid security, user handbook, survey reports, presentations, email, brochures of units, movie subtitle, slogan, business cards, user manuals, newspaper, articles, scientific documents, descriptions of manufacturing process, production standards, software, all types of book, leaflets, catalogues, website, and so on.

We provide interpreters for business activities, conferences, workshops, construction sites, court, cabins, and over the phone, etc.

We regularly translate and interpret languages including English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, German, French, Italian, Lao, Cambodian, Indonesian, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, etc.


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