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Whether you’re a local or an expat, doing your laundry is an essential task, especially in Saigon’s notorious tropical climate.

Thankfully, there are laundry services available all over the city. However, not all of these places are full-service. And not all of us have the time to sit and wait for each cycle of washing and drying to finish up. Laundry centres where there is staff waiting on hand to sort your clothes and monitor them while they’re in the machines can be more convenient for the busy pace of most people’s lives.

alliance laundry

Luckily, Speed Queen Laundry can be found in numerous locations around HCMC and they give you the option of self-service or drop-off service.

Get it Done Your Way

Speed Queen Laundry features both a laundromat and a laundry, so If you’re in a rush, just drop your clothes off with the professional staff who will ensure that your garments are well taken care of.

Hygiene is a factor that Speed Queen Laundry takes seriously by ensuring that the clothes of each customer are washed and dried separately. In addition, the washing drum is always sanitised between each cycle.

alliance laundry

An hour later—30 minutes for washing and another 30 for drying—you’ll have fresh-smelling and sparkling clean clothes to start your week.

A Revolutionary Washing System For Delicate Clothes

You may be familiar with traditional dry cleaning, however, Speed Queen Laundry features an unrivalled service for delicate garments with FineClean by Speed Queen.

This system removes tough stains such as oil, grease and wax by breaking them down with relative ease. It softens fabrics as it cleans, leaving barely any wrinkles, and the process also revitalises fabric colours and contrast. This means the whites become whiter and colours really pop.

FineClean treatment helps fabrics retain their shape and natural properties, which means your clothes stay fresher longer. Dresses or shirts with sequins, embroidery and even beading are no problem. FineClean has a proven track record dealing with intricate and delicate clothing.

alliance laundry

Another reason that FineClean should be your preferred choice is that you don’t get any dangerous chemicals seeping into your clothes and body. FineClean machines are computer-controlled and release tiny amounts of biodegradable cleaning detergents in precise and timed applications. They also apply special additives to prevent fibres from swelling and distorting as the garment is agitated with small volumes of water. Once the washing is done, the garment is waft dried under pressure at low temperatures to avoid shrinkage.

This ensures a much more eco-friendly approach to traditional cleaning methods as FineClean residues and waste are easily treated, and the low energy and minimal usage of water reduces environmental damage.

A Logical and Comfortable Option

Speed Queen Laundry is a clean, secure and modern looking facility, equipped with machines that range from 9kg to 18kg. This means you can also throw in large items like curtains, bed sheets, duvets, pillows, covers and more to ensure that your home stays fresh.

alliance laundry

If you have time to spare and like doing things by yourself, the self-service area is well-furnished with free WiFi, reading spaces and even a waiting and working area. Every aspect of the store, from the illuminated storefront to the spacious waiting room is designed for comfort. Some stores are also equipped with television sets, just to ensure that doing the laundry no longer becomes a chore, but rather something that brings you joy.

Tested and Approved

The equipment at Speed Queen Laundry has been tested and approved for numerous delicate fabrics and fibers, including cotton, silk, wool, synthetic materials, leather and fur.

alliance laundry

If you have any questions, just give Speed Queen Laundry a call.

What City Pass Guide Says

If you’re constantly on the move and unable to find time to wash your own clothes, then Speed Queen Laundry is your best bet to make your clothes look whiter, brighter and brand new again.



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