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By: Keely Burkey

This year is looking to be a big one for office space in Ho Chi Minh City. According to Cushman & Wakefield’s “Office Snapshot Q4 2016”, 200,000 m2 of new supply will be built, and over half of it will be in the Central Business District. This will add to the 10 Grade A buildings and 49 Grade B buildings already in operation.

Ho Chi Minh City is beckoning to new and existing businesses, and, judging by the success of leasing agencies, businesses are responding in kind.

However, don’t whip out the bubble wrap just yet. Moving offices might seem like a simple task, but think again. Just ask Jamie Rossall, Crown Worldwide’s Country Manager for Vietnam. His experience with Crown Worldwide, the largest privately owned moving company on the planet, has allowed him to get the inside scoop on all things moveable.


Prevent a Messy Situation

When a company starts thinking about relocation, what happens next? As Rossall points out, the chain of command isn’t always clear.

Considering the tremendous costs, time and energy associated with moving to a new office, this is not a decision to take lightly. Making a mistake could have major financial repercussions and affect your business. For the sake of all involved, it’s often better to let an expert handle the situation.

But what happens if you don’t? You’ve got the CEO, the finance department and the IT department just for starters. Everyone will want their own department to benefit in the new office space, and all those opinions will likely lead to confusion.

“You’re left with a bunch of people who have no experience with moving,” Rossall notes. “A lot of the time it’s the finance people and procurement people who have the ultimate say in what you’re doing. And they’re not necessarily looking at it from a holistic approach.”


At Crown Worldwide, professional, reliable and consistent moving has been boiled down to a science, from the initial consultation to the bins that are used for transport. “We make sure they look at certain things,” Rossall tells us. “What’s the access to the new building like? What notices should you give to security? How many good lifts are available?”

These are things that seem minor, but can actually cause huge problems if they’re not attended to. And that’s just the start. Be sure to keep the following tips in mind if you’re thinking about moving – or better yet, give Crown Worldwide a call.

Relocating Offices: Top Five Tips from Crown Worldwide’s Jamie Rossall

1) Plan early! The time will go quickly. “As soon as you’ve got your premises and you know where you’re going, look at it as early as possible,” Rossall advises. Just how early? If your company is planning to move in a year, start talking to a moving company six months before.

2) Tidy up! How much an office relocation will ultimately cost depends on how much you decide to bring with you. Volume equals money, so the more paper and accumulated waste you can get rid of, the better. “There’s no point turning up to a bright, shiny, clean new office with a bunch of old things that are going to go into the corner, take up space and gather more dust,” Rossall says.


3) Clean securely! When an office moves locations, decades-old papers suddenly become unearthed. You don’t need them anymore, but do your competitors? Simply throwing them away in the bin will leave you and your company vulnerable. That’s why Crown Worldwide provides secured destruction bins. Bonus tip: you can also rent these bins on a regular basis.

4) Sell the space! If your employees aren’t on board with the move they could quit, and that could mean big trouble for you and your company. So make sure you let each and every employee know the benefits of the new space – even if it means an extra 10 minutes a day on the motorbike.

5) Store what you can! Most businesses have marketing materials – where do you keep yours? If it’s in the break room cupboards, you might want to rethink that scenario. You could be using that space better if you sign up for one of Crown Worldwide’s secured storage units. And if you’re moving, what a perfect opportunity.


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