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We’ve found Saigon’s best PC repair shops.

Get your Macbook fixed by an Apple-certified technician.

Check out our tips for buying a used laptops in Ho Chi Minh City.

Laptops are an essential tool for many professionals living and working in Saigon. Teachers often need them for on-the-go lesson planning. Digital nomads, of course, can’t go fully digital without a reliable computer to create content. But what happens when you need a repair in Saigon?

Laptops are perhaps even more difficult to replace or repair than phones. With more moving parts and a tendency to last longer than smartphones, there’s a lot more that could go wrong. To make matters worse, the parts and repairs for most laptops tend to be more expensive.

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But there’s good news: Southeast Asia, with Ho Chi Minh City being no exception, is one of the most cost-effective places in the world to repair electronics. Read on for the best advice—and recommended shops—for repairing your laptop or computer in Saigon.

How to repair a non-Apple laptop in Saigon for the cheapest price?

Countless workshops are dotted around the city with “sửa lap top” advertised on the front, but unless they repair the machine in front of you there is no guarantee that parts of your laptop won’t go missing during the process. You also can’t guarantee the quality of the parts that are used!

Fortunately, we’ve experienced trustworthy service from these local repair shops:

- 223A Phạm Viết Chánh in District 1. Though their English skills are limited, they are kind, reliable and skilled at their trade.

- Laptop Repair Huy Hoang, 264 Huỳnh Văn Bánh, Ward 11, Phú Nhuận. Well-known with a large team of experts, trusted by locals. English speaking skills are limited.

The District 1 location is best for non-Apple repairs, however they are capable of both. One of our correspondents paid VND 1,000,000 here for a new keyboard for his MacBook Pro, with a warranty of 6 months. Huy Hoang is another reliable repair shop in Phu Nhuan district, trusted by locals with a large team of experts.

And what about my Macbook?

If you are looking for somewhere reliable and reasonably priced to repair your Apple laptop, iKnow in Thao Dien is the place to go. iKnow also sells top quality Apple products and accessories.

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This repair shop is known for its credibility. Brian, owner and founder of iKnow, is a Phillipino-American ex-employee of Apple, and an expert in Apple product repairs.

The iKnow staff speak great English, and, perhaps best of all, they provide wifi, comfy chairs and even an espresso machine. 

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ANTZ, located more centrally in D1, is another reliable Apple-certified source for repairs. 

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Apple repairs can be obtained cheaply in many local shops, but be careful—getting your laptop repaired by a non-certified shop carries its own risks. If budget is your primary concern, most of these shops can offer decent repairs, but they may use knock-off Chinese parts instead of Apple-certified, which may cause you more trouble further down the road.

Where can I buy secondhand or used laptops in Saigon?

 With online marketplaces increasingly gaining popularity, you can find a whole slew of used laptop listings on popular social networking sites like Facebook. A relatively cheap but reliable PC can be obtained for around VND 10 million, though depending on your budget—and your willingness to compromise—you can find some of the cheapest used laptops for much less. 

Local repair shops do sell cheap used laptops, but these are not recommended as they often sell machines that have been stripped of certain parts for external use. You may end up paying for a slow, crippled version of a laptop due to prior damage or modifications.

HALO in District 1 is a reputable storefront for buying used Apple computers. Their machines come with a warranty, technical support, and can be tested in-store before purchasing. This is not the cheapest option, however it’s much more reliable than purchasing from a stranger or a lesser-known local shop.

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Should you decide to buy a used laptop from an individual seller online, you should exercise the same precautions in Vietnam as you would anywhere else. 

- Meet the seller in a public place with good wifi, and check for visible signs of damage. 

- Test the machine as thoroughly as possible and ask questions (Why are you selling this machine? How long have you owned it? Does it have any known problems? etc). 

- Research the model in advance and check the technical specifications to make sure they match up, and check prices for that same laptop in popular online marketplaces like eBay. 

- Keep in mind that imported electronics, like Apple products, will generally cost more than average due to high import taxes. Most PC brands avoid this by manufacturing directly in Vietnam.

This process may seem like a headache, especially to the non-techies who just want a basic machine to do the essentials, but it’s well worth preparing in advance to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a faulty laptop that will cost you even more time and headaches in the future. 

Of course, buying a used laptop, under any circumstances, is something you must do at your own risk.

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Here are a few of our recommended online marketplaces for buying a used laptop in Saigon: 

- Facebook ‘buy and swap’ pages
Expat Blog
- Craigslist
- Lazada
- ChoTot (Vietnamese only)

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