Realtyquest Vietnam

A REAL Real Estate Company for Expats

Since 2012 Realtyquest has provided expert real estate solutions with second-to-none customer service to satisfied clients from its District 2 base in Ho Chi Minh City.

A “REAL real estate agency for expats”, the company provides stellar apartments, houses and condos along with top-quality aftercare and a wide range of solutions for day-to-day life in the city.

Western management and local logistical and admin staff combine to create a perfect synergy of communication and local knowledge.


With a focus on meeting the needs of tenants over landlords, the company is the first choice of many Multi Nation Corporations (MNCs), who rely on Realtyquest to navigate the notoriously tricky property market of Saigon.

A huge roster of businesses have used Realtyquest for their real estate needs, like large foreign corporations looking to relocate staff to Vietnam; relocation companies who specialise in assisting corporate clients in making the move over here; and international schools and local businesses.

An Emphasis on Service

The secret to the company’s success: prime customer service with a pro-tenant focus. Unlike many agencies in the city, Realtyquest is committed to getting tenants the best possible deal, a position that marks them out from the pack.

An expert team of locals and Westerners seek to serve their customers with top-level communication and unbeatable insider knowledge, providing an unbeatable package. Local staff are seasoned veterans of the Saigon real estate market, usually with around four years of experience. Key local staff were previously with large local estate agents, giving stellar insight and reassuring expertise.

With a proven track record for top-end solutions, the level of service is unsurprisingly high. The business is democratically level in its scope, though, with a huge selection of places available at dramatically varied prices.


The Best HCMC Properties Available

Properties range from the mid-range to luxury segments, with condos and flats from US$500 to US$10,000 on offer. All customers are treated with the same gold standard of care and attention, with brokering, negotiations and follow on services all undertaken on equal terms for everyone. The lower end of the price range provides surprisingly high-quality serviced apartments at affordable rates, while the luxurious condos and villas available are truly breathtaking in grandeur and style.

Communication and Professionalism

The focus on tenant satisfaction is central to Realtyquest’s business model, and a matter of pride for all staff. As one of its founders notes, “We are focused on giving the best leasing services we can. Communication is key so we ensure that all our local staff have excellent English speaking skills.

“We also appreciate how precious time is for all our clients, so we make sure that we reply to all messages in a timely fashion, turn up on time for meetings and so on. We are used to the corporate way of life and all our staff are professional and courteous.

“Moreover, we figure out our customers’ needs and to ensure that we can properly cater to them without any wasted time. Unlike many of the other agents out there we won’t, for example, show anyone 20 properties in a day, knowing well that 10 of them are completely unsuitable for their needs. We started this business because we found it really hard to find an agency that would support the tenant first, rather than simply trying to get the commission on a deal.”


It's a refreshing model, simple yet rare in the current market. Realtyquest agents appreciate just how hard it can be to find good properties in Saigon, and know that many of its clients are wary of the pitfalls of renting.

Despite their proven track record and sterling client base, the company remains a tight unit, running all operations from their office in Thao Dien, District 2. The staff and customers alike enjoy all the benefits of Realtyquest’s relatively small size. The company runs on a mutual love for efficiency and all agents are picked for their passion for customer satisfaction.



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Address: 25 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward, District 2