Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital

Phạm Ngọc Thạch Hospital is a specialty hospital in the prevention and monitoring of tuberculosis. The hospital has 750 inpatient beds and 900 outpatient beds.

CMI - Centre Médical International


Centre Médical International is an international standard, fully equipped outpatient clinic. Near Notre Dame Cathedral in central Saigon, CMI offers professional, comprehensive medical services courtesy of European-trained French and Vietnamese doctors. Areas of treatment specialization include general and tropical medicine, cardiology, obstetrics/gynaecology, ENT, osteopathy, paediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, acupuncture, speech-therapy, psychomotor therapy, childbirth education classes, dietetic, and in-home care. When in HCMC, trust CMI to provide high quality, affordable medical care delivered with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

CMI donates 100% of its profits to the Children's Solidarity Fund at The Heart Institute in Ho Chi Minh City. The Fund covers all costs related to providing cardiac surgery to impoverished Vietnamese children.


International SOS Vietnam


The International SOS Ho Chi Minh City clinic is conveniently located at the intersection of Districts 1 and 3, in the city center and not far from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The clinic is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and all medical services are managed by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Regis Garrigue, a French senior emergency physician/general practitioner. He brings with him more than 20 years of experience, mainly from hospitals in the North of France (Lille, Roubaix) and Paris. He is also a specialist in infarction and coronary diseases and Osteopathy. Dr Regis supervises our three clinics in Vietnam.

In addition to routine and emergency healthcare services our clinic also offers the following: House calls On-site laboratory and radiology In-house pharmacy managed by fully qualified pharmacists Three-bed in-patient area specialist consultations – pediatric care, cardiology, dermatology, orthopedics, osteopathy, ophthalmology, ENT (ear, nose and throat), clinical psychology, women’s health OGUK accredited doctors Japanese and Korean nationals are among the largest communities in Ho Chi Minh City and for this reason we provide a Japanese clinic, staffed with a Japanese doctor, nurse and client service officer.

The Ho Chi Minh City Korean community is well cared for by our Korean nurse who also provides translation services for our doctors. Facilities also include a Children’s Clinic, designed to create a welcoming, fun and age appropriate area for children and a more relaxed environment for parents. Our experienced medical and pediatric team will meet the preventative, diagnostic and treatment needs of your child.

Our Dental Clinic is staffed by expatriate dentists and orthodontics. Occupational health services include site surveys, recommendations and employee educational talks. Languages spoken at our clinic include English, Vietnamese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Thai, Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Note that International SOS has one of the few 24-hour pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh City.


Columbia Asia


Columbia Asia is an international private healthcare company incorporated in Malaysia in 1996. Its first medical facility, the Columbia Asia Extended Care Hospital-Shah Alam was launched in Malaysia in 1998. Now, the company has 24 healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics and extended care facilities) in four countries namely Malaysia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Leading the way in private healthcare trends, Columbia Asia offers optimum and affordable medical services through its community hospitals and clinics. With modern amenities and highly trained doctors and nurses, these hospitals are located in residential areas, making quality private healthcare more accessible and efficient for patients. New medical technologies decrease the level of invasive treatments, reducing the length of hospital stays. Moreover, rate structures are transparent and comparatively lower than the standard model for private healthcare. Each Columbia Asia medical facility also houses no more than 100 beds per hospital. The hospitals may be smaller in comparison to other private hospitals but the concept behind its simplicity leads the way towards healthcare trends in the future – efficient, accessible and cost-effective. As such, its objective is to provide communities with effective healthcare at excellent value, and to be the preferred choice for families and businesses.

Chấn Thương Chỉnh Hình Saigon - Ito Hospital


Chấn Thương Chỉnh Hình Saigon-Ito Hospital specialises in orthopaedic injuries, and particularly in developing strong spine and joint surgery. They can treat and practice surgery the pathology of tendons, muscles, bones, joints, and spine. The hospital has experienced doctors as well as modern and high-tech medical equipment.


FV Hospital


An international standard medical centre in Ho Chi Minh City, FV hospital is equipped with modern facilities and staffed with highly qualified international and local doctors and specialists. A member of the Medical Tourism Association, FV offers a wide range of services from basic check-ups to complicated procedures. Reliable and well regarded, FV is the hospital of choice for many Saigon expatriates and visitors.

As the first hospital in Vietnam accredited by the HAS (the French Accreditation Agency) FV offers 32 medical and surgical specialities. The hospital's doctors, the majority of whom are foreign trained, are highly skilled in the latest surgical and anaesthetic techniques to ensure that your treatment is efficient and effective. Some of the services and treatments offered include health check-ups, plastic surgery, joint replacement, dental implant, Lasik surgery and spine surgery. Since its establishment in 2003, FV has earned a reputation as a premier health care provider in HCMC.


Address: 120 Hong Bang, F12, D.5