International School of HCMC (ISHCMC)

The first International school in Ho Chi Minh City to offer all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, ISHCMC is a renowned institution accredited by The Council of International Schools (CIS).

With a diverse student body and more than 50 nationalities represented, the school resembles a community where students and parents are actively welcomed and deeply involved. This results in the school having a long history of producing graduating students achieving IB scores way above the international average.

A Purpose-built Modern Learning Environment

ISHCMC boasts new facilities and areas at both of its campuses which also feature innovative “hubs”—modern technology centers—that help foster creativity. Some of these facilities include a film studio with green screen capabilities, a computer lab with Mac computers and state-of-the-art classrooms that allow connectivity and collaboration.


The Learning Experience

The creative outdoor spaces provided for young students are meant to stoke the curiosity of these children, allowing for child-led inquiry that will be facilitated by a team of teachers specialising in early childhood education.


The IB curriculum in ISHCMC is facilitated through the use of technology, which is mediated by Technology Integrated Specialists who form a unique component of this institution.

Allow your child to find his or her passion with a balanced education consisting of academic and extracurricular subjects such as art and sports. ISHCMC ensures all students participate in these subjects daily to allow each child the space to discover his or her interests.

The Campuses

The primary campus features an information and media center, collaborative learning areas with adjoining breakout spaces. It also has new early explorer learning areas and outdoor play areas, amongst many other learning spaces.


The brand new Secondary Campus features an innovation center, collaboration center, information and media center, a 350-seat theatre, science laboratories, community garden, a music suite with a recording studio and a black box drama theatre among many other facilities.

The campuses are fitted with purified air machines implemented in classrooms from Early Explorers 2—the school’s preschool level—to Grade 2, with a plan to expand this resource campus-wide in the near future.

A Caring Learning Environment

With a team of highly-qualified and globally-minded teachers who are passionate about what they do, ISHCMC boasts an academic team that understands the importance of a well-balanced and well-rounded approach to education and professional development, not just for the students but for teachers too.

ISHCMC hosts annual professional development programmes for all teachers and teaching assistants. The school also regularly hosts industry leaders and guest speakers to keep the team at the top of their game.


With its investment in positive education training for teachers, staff, students and the community, ISHCMC promotes the concept of “feeling good and doing good” by focusing on specific skills that assisting students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.



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