Vietnamese Language Garden

"Vietnamese Language Garden is a Vietnamese language School based in HCMC with 5 years prior history teaching ex-pats here as VFF Group. Our teachers speak and have learned, many languages themselves and are trained to focus on personalized instruction. We are, and have been, people who love to teach Vietnamese and help guide visitor, and long time residents, in the language and culture here.

What's different?

Vietnamese Language Garden takes a different approach to learning Vietnamese than the traditional classroom based method. The one-on-one teaching style employed at Vietnamese Language Garden is adapted from many language schools in South America which follow the same format and have proven it very successful throughout the Spanish speaking Continent. The goal is to bring this effective, efficient, and proven immersive style of school to Asia, where it's not common, though just as feasible. This style of school delivers well trained native speakers who work with the student one-on-one and can keep the student engaged for their entire lesson and focus on their particular needs.

Vietnamese Language Garden's Mission

We strive to bring 3 core values to our students:

Teachers who are knowledgeable, skilled at teaching, and who are easy and comfortable to converse and learn with in a one-on-one setting.

A comfortable and relaxed environment be it here at the school, in-home, in-office, or at a local meeting spot.

Flexibility to meet the learning needs of our students, be it immersive day-long sessions at the school or after work study.

The history

Vietnamese Language Garden began it's life as VFF group with no dedicated school, offering flexible teaching schedules in-home or in-office, with a program similar to what is offered today in the flexible time and location program. VFF group eventually evolved into the full school you see today, and includes flexible schedule programs as well as dedicated in-school programs that cater to busy expats and company executives, foreign exchange students, travelers, and various government offices and emissaries."

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Address: 135/10 Nguyen Cuu Van, Binh Thanh