EIS Merit Scholarship Programme: Investing in Future Leaders

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The Merit Scholarship programme at European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) has enabled many exceptional students to benefit from the school’s International Baccaleureate (IB) education. It also enriches the learning environment for all the students by bringing in young people who contribute energy, enthusiasm and diverse perspectives.

Positive role models

Merit Scholars are carefully selected on the basis of both academic potential and what they bring to the school community. “We look for students who are not only academically strong, with the potential to achieve over 40 points in the IB Diploma when they get there, but also who make significant contributions to our community,” said Head of School Iain Fish.

I Wanted to Challenge Myself

Sisters Rishika and Rithika Kalyanappa learned about the Merit Scholarship from a friend. “I decided to apply, because for me it would be a great experience that would help build up my confidence in my future studies,” Rishika said.

“I wanted to challenge myself, so I can be more confident and raise myself to new heights,” said Rithika. “I wanted to be more open-minded and more knowledgeable, and this scholarship allows me to do more research and study harder to achieve what I want.”

For most recipients, the Merit Scholarship provides financial support that enables them to attend EIS. Hema Umesh, mother of Rishika and Rithika, felt EIS was the best fit for their educational goals, and the scholarship enabled her to enroll both her daughters in the school.

“I was really looking for an IB continuum school, with PYP [Primary Years Programme], MYP [Middle Years Programme], and DP [Diploma Programme] curriculum,” Ms Umesh said. “I believe the IB curriculum helps the child to think deeply and creatively. Receiving the scholarship was a great gift that has boosted their self-confidence and created a sense of pride in them.”

Positive Role Models

Kim Han Bin also wanted the opportunity to attend EIS and needed the financial assistance. “I thought EIS would be a place that would enable me to improve myself. When I visited the school to interview, the teachers and employees were very kind. I liked the affectionate atmosphere of the school, where each student is close to each other.”

I want to change myself

“It is important for all the community to see that the school recognises students who fully represent the school’s values,” said Mr Fish. “Scholars often act as positive role models to other students through embracing and embodying the characteristics that we want all our young people to exhibit.”

Becoming a Risk Taker

Merit Scholars are expected to contribute to the school community by participating in activities and pursuing leadership opportunities. Rishika plays on the girls’ basketball team and takes part in service projects, cleaning the beach and visiting a local orphanage. Kim Han Bin serves on the Student Representative Council (SRC), in the swimming club, the Model United Nations and she established the Mentor and Mentee (MNM) club.

Positive role models

Rithika is also involved in the Model United Nations as well as the Global Issues Network (GIN). “GIN has made me more open-minded and caring towards people and the environment,” she said. “The Model UN has made me more knowledgeable, because we do a lot of research. We also meet many students from different schools and nationalities, which is a great thing since we can learn a lot from each other.”

“It is very rewarding for all at the school to see the Merit Scholars excel,” said Mr Fish. “EIS provides them with superb opportunities to push themselves, take risks and take responsibility. It is wonderful to see them grow and mature into the respectful, ambitious and globally minded young adults who want to contribute to a peaceful, tolerant and open-minded society.”

“Being an EIS Merit Scholar has made me to do more than just belong. It has made me participate, become involved and interact,” Rishika said. “It has made me a risk taker, brave enough to knock on the new doors which lie in front of me.”

A Prestigious Academic Scholarship

In addition to a significant reduction in school fees at EIS, Merit Scholarship recipients can enjoy advantages when applying for further education. “Prestigious universities see that these students already have a track record of receiving academic scholarships,” said Mark Rees, Head of Middle & High School of EIS. “To receive such a scholarship says a lot about the value we place on these students.”

For more information about the Merit Scholarship programme, visit http://scholarships.eishcmc.com or contact Ms Emily Cho at +84 28 7300 7257 – Ext. 108 / scholarships@eishcmc.com.

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