If you’re an expat in Saigon applying for a new job, for a college/university, marriage certificate abroad, or applying for residency abroad, you definitely need a criminal record. Before heading to the Justice Department, you have to make sure that all your documents are complete to avoid delays and going back and forth.

What documents will I need to apply for a criminal record certificate?

››A completed application form (form 03/2013/TT-LLTP – you can get it at the Department of Justice);

››A copy of your passport and a copy of your residential certificate in Vietnam (your landlord should have this). These documents must be legalised and the original copies must also be submitted for comparison.

In case you ask for a third person to help you to apply for the criminal record certificate, he/ she will need a completed application form 04/2013/TT-LLTP; your written proxy, certified by the People’s Committee of communes where you or your proxy are residing (if you are in Vietnam); or by competent authorities of the country where you are residing. The proxy must be legalised. If this third person is one of your parents, spouse or children, the proxy document is not required, but the relationship between you and this person must be proved; a copy of his/her passport.

How can I apply for a criminal record certificate?

Once you have completed all the appropriate documents, you can now head to the Justice Department of HCMC at 141-143 Pasteur, D3. You can fill out the form 03/ TT-LLTP if you haven’t done it at home. Once you have completed this, get your ticket and wait with everyone else until you are called to Station No 1. The clerk will take a look at your documents to see that they are in order. If they are, you will pay a processing fee of VND200,000.

It will take around 10-15 working days to process the record and you will be contacted by text or email to pick up your record (if not, simply go back to 141-143 Pasteur after 15 days). If you have some Vietnamese language skills, you can pay VND30,000 extra and have the record sent to your address in Vietnam via the post.

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