Moving to a different country is not always as straightforward as you think. Sometimes, you have to consider logistics and other people prefer to just send their personal items via shipping boxes. Or, maybe you have a relative from out of Saigon that want to send a box of things. Well, whatever your reason for sending goods to a foreign country, these facts might help as rules might be different from your home country.

What should I know about shipping goods into Vietnam?

Make sure the name listed on your passport is clearly written on all the packages – simply writing PBO or “packed by owner” on the shipping container is not enough in Vietnam. Also, all books, video games, computer software, compact discs and LPs should be packed separately by type and listed on the carton and packing list by type of media. These items will be inspected by the Ministry of Culture and can be rejected if deemed materially undesirable to the State. This could include a number of subjects, so a good tip is to look for anything that mentions or refers to Vietnam.

Antiques will need to be photographed and documented to show the age of the piece, the material it is made of and its origin. Antique pieces must be inspected and registered upon entry. If not registered, they can be restricted from being exported at a later date. Items that are restricted from entering the country entirely include weapons, ammunition, radio transmitters, narcotics, pornographic or subversive materials, satellite dishes and used motorbikes. Customs duties are applicable for the entire shipment according to the current Customs tariffs.

How can I send my goods internationally from Vietnam?

Mailing goods is quite simple but make sure you don’t seal your parcel before taking it to the post office, as you will be required to show its contents prior to having it weighed and priced, to ensure that the customs declaration matches those contents and of course to assess the customs fee. Local advice is to keep the description on the customs sticker as open as possible, for example: “no commercial value”, “for personal use”, etc. This will make your parcels less interesting for the post office workers.

What are other simple and cheap methods to send things inside Ho Chi Minh City?

If they prefer not to go to the post office, locals will use Vietnam Airlines’ express service or a train company. Sending packages by bus (Mai Linh or Phương Trang) is another method. This method is simple, cheap and convenient, and these services can be utilised to send money, goods, motorbikes or furniture.

What shipping companies are there in Ho Chi Minh City?

You can order a home pickup for your goods, in case you don’t want to go to the post office. Just call the office and leave a request.

DHL International

6 Thang Long,Tan Binh; +84 28 8446 6203, Hotline: 1800 1530

Price: Upon request, as they change regularly.

Services: Shipping & tracking, parcel & packets, export/import, domestic services, printed materials, air, sea, inland.


Petroland Building 7, 12 Tan Trao, Tan Phu, D7

Hotline:1900 6980; +84 28 7302 0247

Price: In the same city: VND7,300/50g; VND13,000/500g; VND16,000/1kg; Outside HCMC (from HCMC to Hanoi): HCMC to Hanoi: 50g-100g, VND12,500; HCMC to Da Nang: 50g-100g, VND12,500

Services: Shipping/tracking, parcel/packets, courier, transportation, customs clearance and commercial services. Basic English is spoken.


6 Thang Long, Tan Binh District; +84 28 3948 0370

Hotline: 1800 585835 (Toll Free line within Vietnam)

Price: VND1.052M/500g within 2-3 working days; VND1.9M/2kg including VAT and gasoline for FedEx to pick up the post from your home and mail it to the U.S.

FedEx provides fast and reliable delivery to every U.S. address and to more than 220 countries and territories around the world. It uses a global air and ground network to speed up the delivery of time-sensitive shipments, usually one to two business days is guaranteed.


39B Truong Son, Tan Binh District; +84 1800 1589

Price: Sending to the U.S.: VND1.6M/500g; VND2.5M/1kg; VND4.M/2kg.

TNT ensures that your parcels, documents and freight items are delivered safely and on time throughout the world and in over 200 countries.



53 Lam Son street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District

Tel: +84 28 354 725 72 / 73 / 74 / 75

Fax: +84 28 354 725 76

Price: Upon request, as they change daily.

Services: Shipping & tracking, parcels & packets, export services, import services, domestic services, printed materials, air, sea and inland. Basic English is spoken.

VNPOST Express (EMS)

36 Bis Ba Vi, Tan Binh District; Hotline: 1900 545433 

Price: Sample prices for sending parcels within Vietnam: VND17,000/100g; VND49,000/1kg Sample prices for sending outside of Vietnam: VND900,000/500g; VND1.1M/1kg

EMS have domestic and international services (in 102 countries). Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an English speaking staff, so you should use their services with the help of a Vietnamese friend.


8th Floor, Pico Plaza, 20 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh District; +84 28 3811 2112 

Hotline +84 1900 6663

Price: By express delivery:

››Less than 50g: VND8,000-12,200

››50g-100g: VND9,000-18,100

››100g-250g: VND10,500-32,500


››500g-1kg: VND14,400-57,900

››1kg-1.5kg: VND15,200-75,200

››1.5kg-2kg: VND18,000-82,400

››More than 2kg: VND1,700-10,700 for each additional 500g

Kerry TTC, formerly known as Tín Thành, is one of the companies that will deliver your goods inside Vietnam and overseas with the best rates.

What documents are required for customs check when a package arrives in Vietnam?

There are rules to follow when receiving a package in Vietnam and this means that you need to bring the necessary documents for shipment and the like.

The documents required for customs upon the arrival of your shipment in Vietnam include:

Valid passport with visa pages: the original plus two copies

Immigration card

Notarised copy of work permit, labour contract or business licence

Bill of lading/Air waybill ›Customs declaration

Authorisation letter. This will be prepared by your relocation agent and submitted to your employer for their company stamp.

The shipping inventory list must be written in English and have specific information about the items shipped. Be as detailed as possible with this list, as anything that is not declared can be rejected, impounded and/or shipped back.