Relocation agents are companies that directs and manages the process of international relocation for expats and the like. These companies assist in arranging necessary documents like your visa, and long-term stay permissions. Finding a new house, a school for your children, and finding a job for your partner or "trailing spouse", and arranging a language teacher for the entire family. Hiring relocation agents is a common thing in Saigon as it has become a hotspot for expatriates.

How do relocation agents work in Ho Chi Minh City?

Most moving agents adhere to a process that is rather simple to follow. Once you find your agent, they will visit you to assess the shipment’s contents and volume. Make sure to show them the full list of items that you are moving for a correct quote. Once you receive the quote and approve, the agent will provide a timetable in accordance with your moving date.

Most moving agents supply boxes to help you with your packing process. Make sure to label fragile items. When moving day arrives, the agent will give you a full list of what has been packed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the boxes match.

Prices vary depending on distance from your current place to the new location as well as the volume of your goods.

A few questions to ask:

››Does the company charge by the piece or by the cubic metre?

››Is there a minimum moving charge?

››Is there an extra charge for larger or more fragile items?

››Do they charge extra for weekends or evenings?

››Is there a deposit?

››Do they have full-time employees or do they use temporary labour?

››What type of moving insurance do they offer?

››What kind of cancellation policy do they offer?

››Do they have any suggestions to make the move easier?

››Do they offer free moving quotes?

››Will there be a full-time agent who will work with you from start to finish?

Another role of relocation agents is to help you navigate the difficult customs procedures.

What relocation services are available in Ho Chi Minh City?

When you’re moving families, logistics is always the number one challenge when relocating to a different place. This is where relocation services come in. Check out the following companies for your relocation needs.

Allied Pickfords Vietnam

Floor 8, Miss Ao Dai Building, 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan, D1; Tel: +84 28 3910 1220

Services: This provider is known for a number of top-quality services. These include door-to-door services, international moves, local moves, office moves, storage, relocation, international transit insurance and customer care.

From the packhorses of the early 17th century to the most advanced shipping and transportation methods of today, with over 600 locations in more than 40 countries, Allied Pickfords has grown to become one of the largest providers of moving services across the globe. In Vietnam they are known as one of the country’s most reliable removals and relocation providers.

New Indo-China International


Floor 5, 42/37-38 Hoang Dieu, D4; +84 28 3943 3668 / 669 / 670 (16 Lines); Fax: +84 28 3943 3671

Services: House/office relocations, express service, logistics, travel packages, water filter products for homes and shops.

New Indo-China International offers relocation services for homes and offices in Vietnam and worldwide. For super quick service, use their express service and deliver your goods door-to-door. This efficient option is available both in Vietnam and internationally, to other countries. New Indo-China International also supplies water filter products to enhance the quality of tap water in your home and office for good health.

Relocation Vietnam 9 3783 5317

Run by three expat relocation consultants from diverse backgrounds, Relocation Vietnam orients clients with the complexities of the city, helps rent a car or motorbike, deals with visa, work permit and resident card issues, and helps locate a proper home and school, along with other useful services for moving expats.

Santa Fe Relocation Services

4th floor, Thien Son Building, 5 Nguyen Gia Thieu, D3; +84 28 3933 0065

Services: Moving, relocation, immigration, document storage and home search.

All of Santa Fe’s services are conducted in-house by experienced staff, offering a seamless relocation experience that is tailored to each individual’s needs, and expertly handled by industry professionals throughout.