Are you in need of notarizing your legal documents? Saigon has several notarization offices available to serve you for your legal needs.

What are notary services in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s notary sector, like many other sectors in the country, has its origins in the French system. A notary agent offers a range of services including:

››Witnessing the signing of documents

››Transferring of company capital

››Payout to beneficiaries from an estate 

Most notaries in town offer translations but cannot notarise these documents. For that, you will need to source a translation company or your district’s Department of Justice office. However, if you have legal documents that need translating, it’s best to have a law firm do the work. The ward People Committees can notarise and certify copies of Vietnamese documents, while the district People Committees provide a similar service for foreign language documents.

What notary offices are there in Ho Chi Minh City?

Asia Notary

44 Vo Van Tan, D3; +84 28 3930 0903

ASN is among the first notary offices established in HCMC. With years of experience and first-class facilities, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Bến Thành Notary Office

97-99-101 Nguyen Cong Tru, D1; +84 28 3821 4999

Services are available on Sunday, all public holidays, and outside of working hours and at customers’ appointed locations. With their highly qualified team trained in Vietnam and abroad, they are confident in their ability to perform their work well.

Central Notary Office

454 Nguyen Thị Minh Khai, D3; +84 28 6291 5485

Central Notary Office is among the first notary offices established in HCMC. They have years of experience and first-class facilities. The chief notary, Mr. Phạm Xuân Thọ, has 13 years experience working as the Chief Judge of the HCMC Economic Court and 10 years as a HCMC economic arbitrator.

What are the prices for notarisation services in Ho Chi Minh City?

The People’s Committee instituted a blanket fee for notarisation services in the city. Fees are as follows:

››Real estate auction contract: VND100,000/set

››Guarantee contracts: VND100,000/set

››Custody of testaments: VND100,000 /set

››Authorization contracts: VND40,000/set

››Cancellation of contracts or transactions: VND20,000/set

››Other documents: VND40,000/set

››Translation from/to a foreign language: VND45,000-200,000/page

››Issue copies of notarized documents: VND5,000/page, from the third page VND3,000/page