One of the easiest ways to get connected in a foreign country, especially if you are an expat who just moved to Vietnam, is to purchase a SIM card. When you are in Saigon, mobile reception is not a problem. You can just pick any out of the ones available in the market.

Is Vietnam’s mobile network compatible with most mobile phones?

Vietnam’s network is GSM compatible and will work with most carriers. However, to avoid exorbitant roaming rates, check with your local carrier for international packages. You can buy a local SIM card in most local convenience stores.

How much is a local SIM card in Ho Chi Minh City?

You can purchase a SIM card along with prepaid minutes for around VND100,000 and around 200,000 VND (9-10$US) for unlimited data including the SIM card. From here on, you can just top up as much as needed.

Where can I pay my mobile phone bill in Ho Chi Minh City?

You can also pay for your mobile phone bill at any of the cell phone provider shops or authorized retailers around the city.

What do I need to set up a mobile phone account in Ho Chi Minh City?

It is relatively easy to set up a mobile phone account, but you may need a Vietnamese speaking colleague to assist you with the translation. Depending on the length of contract, you may need copies of your passport, visa, place of residence and place of work.

The easiest and most popular way to set up an account is just to buy a SIM card of your preferred network provider, which are available in their offices or many shops in the city, insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and use it. New regulations may require you to provide a passport or other ID to register the SIM. In case you would like to change your tariff plan or enable special functions, you can do it through the website of your provider or come to your network provider’s office and apply for changes.

What mobile phone providers are there in Ho Chi Minh City?


District 1

District 2

District 7

Other Districts


72 Le Thanh Ton, D1 

80 Nguyen Du, D1 

82B, Nguyen Du Street, D1

Khu Pho 4, D2

47 Nguyen Duy Hieu, D2

145 Le Quang Dịnh 

441 Nguyen Thi Thap, D7

192 Cach Mang Thang 8, D3

313 An Duong Vuong,D5

Hong Bang, D5

665 Hau Giang, D5


166 Duong Tran Hung Dao, D1

172 Tran Quang Khai, D1

156 Duong Tran Nao, D2

273 Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Phu, D7

177 Bis Ly Chinh Thang; D3

190 Le Hong Phong, D5


80 Nguyen Du, D1

12/1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai; D1

139 Tran Nao, D2

5 Nguyen Thi Thap, D7

785 Huynh Tan Phat, Phu Thuan, D7

568 Le Van Luong, D7

121 Pasteur, D3

535 Dien Bien Phu, D3

1 Chau Van Liem, D5

249 Phan Dinh Phung, Phu Nhuan

What phone numbers correspond to each mobile network in Ho Chi Minh City?

The phone numbers provided by these three companies all start with different numbers. Contacting someone using your network is cheaper. As of September of 2018, 11-digit numbers has been changed to 10-digit numbers.

- Viettel: prefixes 0162, 0163, 0164, 0165, 0166, 0167, 0168, and 0169, will be changed to 032, 033, 034, 035, 036, 037, 038, and 039.

- MobiFone: prefixes 0120, 0121, 0122, 0123, 0126, and 0128, will be changed to 070, 079, 077, 076, and 078.

- VinaPhone: prefixes 0123, 0124, 0125, 0127, and 0129, will be changed to 083, 084, 085, 081, and 082.

- Vietnamobile: prefixes 0188 and 1086 will be changed to 058 and 056.

- Gtel: The prefix 0199 will be changed to 059.

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