Health is definitely wealth but it’s better to have an insurance for you and your family incase of untoward incidents in Saigon. Many people are not aware of the benefits to having an insurance because no one ever expects a disaster to strike. But that’s exactly the thing with these incidents, it’s always unpredictable so it’s better to protect yourself in case it does happen. 

What should I consider when buying insurance in Ho Chi Minh City?

As the premiums tend to be significantly lower in Vietnam, whether in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or elsewhere, the rules tend to be a bit stricter than in other places. You may find companies to be less flexible than you’re used to, especially if you’re an expat from a first world country but keep in mind that this is a rule-driven society and challenging said rules will not likely be met with patience or kindness. Additionally, insurance fraud, which is prevalent around the world, is a common concern throughout – be sure to be up front and honest with your provider so as not to find yourself in any sort of legal trouble or debt.

How do I choose an insurance company in Ho Chi Minh City?

As everywhere in the world, when choosing your insurance company in Vietnam, you should check what cases the insurance covers and see if these meet your needs. It is also wise to check the credibility of the insurance company. Make sure to find out if the insurance package is handled by foreigners; in some cases, foreign international companies are Vietnamese-managed and may provide services that are not up to overseas standards.

What insurance agencies are there in Ho Chi Minh City?

Here are some insurance agencies you should consider in Saigon.

Bao Hiem AAA

117 Ly Chinh Thang, D3; +84 28 3622 0000

Services: construction, disaster, fire, health, theft, travel

Established in 2005, AAA has a network of 139 branches, centres and transaction offices throughout Vietnam.


Floor 9, Saigon Centre, 65 Le Loi, D1; +84 28 3914 0065

Services: corporate, energy, health, liability, property, vehicular

AIG recently received a 2012 Golden Dragon Award which recognises outstanding contributions by foreign-invested enterprises to Vietnam’s economic development. AIG offers a wide range of insurance products.

Bảo Việt

233 Dong Khoi, D1; +84 28 3822 6544

Services: banking, life, real estate, securities, investment

Grandfather to the local insurance companies in Vietnam, Bảo Việt has roots originating in Hanoi in the 1960s.

Dai-ichi Life

149-151 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan District; +84 28 3810 0888

This is one of the four largest life insurance companies in Vietnam, with over one million customers. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam employs over 600 professionals and 32,000 consultants in 140 offices throughout Vietnam.

Liberty Insurance

18th floor, Vincom Office Building, 45A Ly Tu Trong, D1; +84 28 3812 5125 / +84 28 3812 5018

Services: health, home, travel, vehicular


Floor 9, Yoco Building, 41 Nguyen Thị Minh Khai, D1; + 84 28 3821 3854

McLarens adjusters average over 20 years of claims experience. Specific areas of expertise include Property, Casualty, Technical Services, Transportation, Crime and Specie, Claims Management, Audit.

Prudential Insurance

Floor 25, Saigon Trade Center, 37 Ton Duc Thang, D1; +84 28 3910 1660

One of the more popular life insurers in the country, Prudential Vietnam provides insurance services to millions of Vietnamese people with a nationwide network consisting of over 200 customer service centers, branch offices, general agency and business partner offices.

Why do you need insurance brokers in Ho Chi Minh City?

An insurance broker sells, solicits and negotiates insurance for recompense in the name of their client. Their most important task is helping companies and individuals ascertain what sorts of risks are most likely to occur, and procuring the most relevant package for the client’s requirements.

An insurance broker can help clients to obtain the most flexibility in terms of price and coverage. An intermediary is recommended for all insurance necessities, as they are much more inclined to speak the jargon and understand contracts that clients will inevitably be required to sign.

What insurance brokers are there in Ho Chi Minh City?

If you’re looking to get insurance and you need some help, here are some brokers in Saigon for you to choose from:

Aegis (Independent Insurance Intermediary)

Floor 16, Saigon Tower, 29 Le Duan, D1;+84 28 3514 7969

Advising and providing solutions in insurance and risk, Aegis has been working in Vietnam since 2002. Devoted to its customers, both corporate and private, its team is careful to build the best insurance programs, meeting the needs of clients.

Aon Vietnam

Unit 702, Floor 7, Sailing Tower, 111A Pasteur, D1; +84 28 3822 4884

Aon Vietnam was established in 1994 and is recognised as the largest service provider in insurance/reinsurance brokerage and risk management in the country with over 100 qualified professionals in the country.

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