In Saigon, if you are late on a payment, you don’t have to fret. The late fee is usually about VND39,000. If you do not pay within five working days the power will be cut – but this can be fixed on the same day if you get to the office before it closes. Most expats get anxious about the utility bills at first but there are many ways to pay the bill and regain electricity. Please refer to “Where to pay the electricity bill?” section.

How can I pay my electricity bill in Ho Chi Minh City?

Bills are issued monthly by EVN-HCMC and years ago, they had to be paid in person at one of the addresses listed on the bill-can you imagine? Your landlord may also include the bill in your rent and make the payment for you. If you live in an apartment building, the security team may also take care of it. Save yourself the trip and go for some of the other options available such as mobile banking and online payments. Thank you, technology!

Aside from making payments at one of the EVN HCMC offices or the bill collector, here are some of your other options:

Go to the EVN HCMC website and select online trading. Enter the consumer number and see the "List of services to be paid" with the amount. Select the bill by checking the box on the left and click on "Thanh toán dịch vụ điện". You will see the VN PAY payment agreement, click on ”agree” and then select the payment method of your choice. You will see many acceptable bank logo in the "ATM card and bank account" option. You can choose your bank and pay.

Another option is to use your online/mobile banking and pay from there by choosing the area where you live. There are many banks that offers payment services online. All you have to do is find EVN HCMC, enter your consumer number, and then make the payment.

Where can I get information about my bills in Ho Chi Minh City?

HCMC Power Corporation

35 Ton Duc Thang, D1; +84 8 2220 1177

Customer service: 1900 545454

It’s easy to find staff members who speak English

Where can I pay the electricity bill in Ho Chi Minh City?

In case you'd rather make the payment personally, you can go to the EVN HCMC office. You can also make payments at banks like Vietin Bank or in Western Union branches.

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