Food is a very important part of Vietnamese culture and we all need to do our grocery to buy our food at one point in time. Luckily, in Saigon, supermarkets and hypermarkets aren’t hard to find at all. In fact, there are different kinds of stores for different food needs. Whether you’re a local or expat looking for something organic or a butcher that sells international quality meat, you can find different stores that sells a wide range of food items and various cooking needs.

What gourmet shops, grocery stores and butchers are there in District 1?

Annam Gourmet Market

16-18 Hai Ba Trung, D1; +84 28 3822 9391

Basement 2, Log 11/12, Saigon Centre Building, 65 Le Loi Street, D1; +84 28 3914 0515

The city’s largest supply store for fine imported Western groceries, food and beverages. Delivery service is available for purchases above VND300,000. English is spoken.


- NH Foods Vietnam JSC

Tran Doan Khanh, D1; +84 28 1019 6869

- Nipponham Shop

186 Bis Nguyen Van Thu Street, D1; +84 28 3829 3856

International standard butcher with a solid selection of fresh meat, charcuterie products, cheeses and poultry. Sells both retail and wholesale. English is spoken.

Phương Hà Shop Grocery store

58 Ham Nghi, D1; +84 28 3914 1318 / +84 28 3824 1423

10,000 local and imported grocery products, beverages and spices at a reasonable price. Offers wrapping services for companies and individuals. Free delivery within 5km. English is spoken.

Thái Hòa 

60 Ham Nghi, D1; +84 28 3829 2135 / +84 9 0937 9293

Specialising in imported branston pickles, Russian caviar, cereals, biscuits, canned foods, spices, frozen food, wine and spirits all at a reasonable price. Delivery services are available. English is spoken.


29A Le Thanh Ton, D1; +84 28 3823 8526

Grocery store focusing on imported goods and fresh products grown in Vietnam. The cold chamber stores a great selection of meats, cheeses, salmon and a wide range of greens. English is spoken.

What gourmet shops, grocery stores and butchers can be found in District 2 in Saigon?

Annam Gourmet Market

41A Thao Dien, D2; +84 28 3744 2630

Well known distributors of high quality imported food, ingredients and spices. Delivery is available. English is spoken.

Classic Fine Foods

17, Street 12, D2; +84 28 3740 7105 / +84 28 3740 7106 / +84 28 3740 7107 / +84 28 3740 7108

Mostly servicing the retail industry, Classic Fine Foods also offers free delivery on purchases from VND500,000. English and French are spoken.

Meatworks Butcher

1 Street 2, Thao Dien, D2; +84 28 3744 2565

A premium butchery in the heart of D2 dedicated to serving the finest imported beef and lamb from Australia, as well as locally sourced poultry and pork. Also offers home catering and does weekly specials. English is spoken.

The Organik Shop

8 Thao Dien, D2; +84 28 3744 6950

A wide range of organic produce, groceries and food supplements. Customers can purchase online, over the phone, or buy direct. Delivery is free for orders over VND100,000. English is spoken.

For information about organic food in Saigon, go to Saigon’s Secret Organic Food Suppliers