Shopping in Saigon is always a treat because most shopping centres has everything you need for your home. When you’re decorating your home or changing up your home’s interior, bedding and tableware are often included in the list of what to buy or change. For your bedding and tableware needs, read on!

What bedding and tableware shops are there in District 1?

Catherine Denoual

74B Hai Bà Trưng, D1; +84 28 3823 9394

Supplies luxury linens, bedding and table items for hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants and direct customers. Customised design service available. English is spoken.


149 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, D1

104 Trần Hưng Đạo, D1

Korean brand made in Vietnam with various sets and colours to choose from. Complete sets including two pillow covers, a duvet and a blanket start from VND2M. English is limited.

Kym Dan

74D Hai Bà Trưng, D1; +84 28 3829 9101 / 375-377 Trần Hưng Đạo, D1; +84 28 3836 0068 / 120 Calmette, D1; +84 28 3914 4841 / 83 Điện Biên Phủ, D1; +84 28 6295 9336 / 402A Hai Bà Trưng, D1; +84 28 3820 4781

Kym Dan raises rubber trees and extracts the rubber to produce mattresses. The products are of high quality and the company’s reputation is growing internationally. Their stores also offer other kinds of bedding products. English is spoken.

What quilt / bed covering shops are there in District 1?

If quilts are more your jam. Here are two of the well known quilts shops in Saigon:

Mekong Quilts by Mekong Plus

Floor 1, 68 Lê Lợi, D1; +84 28 2210 3110

Non-profit organization specialising in high quality, hand-stitched bed covers, accessories and gift sets. They provide employment, training and benefits to women in rural Vietnam and Cambodia. English is spoken.

1998 Home Up

27b Trần Nhật Duật, Tân Định, D1; +84 845 671 988

What bedding and tableware shops are in District 2?

There are several shops of known brands that sell quality products in District 2, especially for the kitchen and the bedroom. Check out the following stores for your bedding and tableware needs:


Xuân Thuỷ, D2; +84 9 0888 7298 / 

77 Thảo Điền, D2; +84 28 3519 0311 / 

605 Nguyễn Duy Trinh, D2; +84 9 8304 0731 / 

Trần Não, D2; +84 9 3882 6829

Dunlopillo is a UK brand providing mattresses, pillows and other bedding accessories. Free home delivery is available. English is spoken.


593 Nguyễn Duy Trinh, D2 / 80 Trần Não, D2 / 48 Dương Đinh Hội

Everon is a popular Korean brand made in Vietnam. Some English is spoken.

Kym Dan

593 Nguyễn Duy Trinh, D2 ; +84 28 3743 7866 / 324 Nguyễn Duy Trinh, D2; +84 28 3743 0398 / 36 Trần Não, D2; +84 28 3740 2363 / 464 Nguyễn Thị Định, D2; +84 28 3887 8762

Kym Dan rubber mattresses are of high quality with a growing reputation internationally. Staff are mostly Vietnamese, but basic English is spoken.

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