Vietnam’s maternity rights are very employee friendly. In fact, Vietnam has the longest maternity leave in all of Asia. According to the labour law, the general working days a woman is allowed to take off depends on how far along her pregnancy is. If a woman is 1 to 3 months pregnant, she is guaranteed 20 working days off. 3-6 months will be granted 40 working days off, and a pregnancy over six months will be 50 working days off. Women are also granted leave in the case of a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy. On top of that, if the employee has more than one child, she is also entitled to an extra 30 days for each additional child. Another unique benefit of a female employee who has a child less than twelve months old in Vietnam is the allotted 1 hour to take care of their baby. That’s 1 hour per day. 

What if I need more time to recover?

For women who have just given birth to twins or more infants, 10 extra days are granted to. If she had a cesarean birth, she can have seven extra days, and for other cases, five extra days may be allowed depending on her health care needs. She is not allowed to return to work unless she has permission from her doctor. She must first obtain a fit to work certificate from a qualified medical center before resuming work.

What about adoptive parents?

Vietnam is very considerate of adoptive parents. You don’t have to be a biological mom to enjoy the benefits of motherhood. If a woman is adopting a child under four months old, female employees are entitled to a lump-sum allowance equivalent to two months' common minimum salary per child. 

Generally, employees are entitled to health insurance when taking a maternity leave. Although company policies may differ from one another, there should be maternity allowances for childbirth or child adoption.

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