Who can adopt a Vietnamese child?

Business and Legal | 2019-10-02


Adoption is a very big decision in life. You’re not just taking in an individual, you are to be responsible for so many things in this child’s life, such as where to live and the environment the child will be exposed to, his or her education, and if you’re an expat, what happens when you move back to your country of origin? One must meet at least one of the criteria below to adopt a child in Saigon:

- Vietnamese citizens permanently residing in Vietnam.

- Foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam.

- Overseas Vietnamese or foreigners residing permanently in countries that have signed a bilateral agreement in regards to adoption.

- Overseas Vietnamese or foreigners permanently residing abroad may adopt a specific child in the following cases: (S)he is the step father or step mother of the to-be-adopted child; (S) he is the natural aunt or uncle of the child; (S)he has adopted a child who is a sibling of the to-be-adopted child; (S)he adopts a child who is disabled or infected with HIV/AIDS or another dangerous disease; (S) he is a foreigner currently working or studying in Vietnam for at least one year.

What are the priority list of adoptive parents in Vietnam?

According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice website, the State encourages adoption of orphans, abandoned children and children in other disadvantaged circumstances. The priority list of adoptive parents are as follows: step-parents/natural aunt or uncle, Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam, foreign citizens residing in Vietnam, Vietnamese citizens residing abroad, and foreign citizens residing abroad. Specifically for Vietnamese and foreign citizens residing abroad, adoption of children with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, or another dangerous disease is highly encouraged.

Ministry of Justice: http://www.moj.gov.vn/vbpq/en/Lists/Vn%20bn%20php%20lut/View_Detail.aspx?ItemID=10483

What is the procedure of adoption?

The following steps must be followed in sequence or else, the process may result in the child not being eligible for adoption. 

1. Choose an Accredited or Approved Adoption Service Provider That Has Been Authorized by Vietnam’s Central Authority to Operate in Vietnam

2. Apply to USCIS to be Found Suitable and Eligible to Adopt

3. Apply to Vietnam’s Authorities to Adopt and be Matched with a Child

4. Apply to USCIS for the Child to be Found Provisionally Eligible for Immigration to the United States as a Convention Adoptee and Receive U.S. Agreement to Proceed with the Adoption

5. Adopt the Child in Vietnam

6. Apply for a U.S. Immigrant Visa for Your Child and Bring Your Child Home