In Vietnam, marriage registration can lead you to unexpected twists and turns. Be prepared to deal with all these steps, especially if you are an expat or a foreigner marrying a Vietnamese partner:

››Go to the local Department of Justice office to get all the necessary paperwork concerning marriage with a Vietnamese partner. This tends to be a long and tedious step. Regardless, do try to keep yourself sane. You would not want to fail the mental stability check at the hospital!

››Head to the ward jurisdiction office to obtain confirmation of your Vietnamese partner’s single status, as well as the official note containing his or her permanent address.

››The certification of your single status is needed as well. Also, do not forget to sort out your proof of income, along with the health check-up confirmation that certifies your adequate health for marriage;

››The fun part! You will have to complete an interview at the local Department of Justice office, which probes into your true intention of marrying a Vietnamese man or woman. The questions range from the common “how did you meet” and “how do you speak with each other” to the more privy, like “why you don’t marry someone from your own country” or even “are you pregnant yet”;

››The whole process to get your marriage certificate can take weeks, if you’re lucky, even up to six months. Due to this, it is common in Vietnam to move forward with the wedding reception anyway, even before the paperwork is complete:

››Ceremonies for marriage registration: within five days after the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee signs the marriage certificate, the ceremony for marriage registration shall be held at the Department of Justice. Both marriage partners must be present, state their final intention on voluntary marriage and sign on the marriage certificate. The original marriage certificate, which shall be valid from the date of the marriage registration ceremony, will be handed over to the couple.

How long will it take to complete the procedure of registration?

Theoretically, this procedure should take 25- 35 working days. In practice, it may take some months.

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