Obtaining a temporary residence card for expats and foreigners living in Ho Chi Minh City who intend to stay in Saigon for an extended period is as easy as filling up forms and submitting it to the Immigration Department and waiting for the release as long as all documents are complete and in order.

Who are eligible to get a temporary residence card?

The most common people who get temporary residence cards are expats or foreigners who are granted work permits in all kinds of businesses or representative offices of foreign companies. Professionals, students, and trainees who are in the national working or studying programs signed between the ministries approved by the Government are also eligible for a residence card. The immediate relatives of card holders, specifically their parents, spouse and children may also get a temporary residence card if they intend to stay in Saigon for a long time.

Temporary residence cards are also meant for foreigners who are members of the two member limited liability company or more or foreigners who is the owner of the one member limited liability company( except as authorized representatives). Foreigners who are members of the board director of the stock corporation and foreign lawyers who are licensed to practice following Vietnam law by the Vietnam Ministry of Justice are also allowed to get a temporary residence card.

Where can I apply for a temporary residence card in Ho Chi Minh City?

According to the 2015 Immigration Law, an application for the NG3 temporary residence card must be made to the competent authority of the Ministry of Affairs while applications for other types of temporary residence card must be made at the immigration authority in the same administrative division in which the inviting entity is based or residing.

Therefore, for other temporary residence cards than NG3, your documents need to be filed with the Immigration Department. The government fee varies according to the duration of the temporary resident card.

How long does it take to obtain a temporary resident card in Ho Chi Minh City?

A lot of expats working in Saigon opt to get a temporary resident card. Theoretically, the time frame for processing is between five and seven working days.

What address of the public authority do you need to obtain immigration papers in Ho Chi Minh City?

Immigration Department

Office of the Ministry of Public Security

254 Nguyen Trai, D1; +84 8 3920 2300

Immigration Department

Office of the HCMC Public Security

196 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, D3; +84 8 3829 9398

What are the documents needed to obtain a temporary resident card in Ho Chi Minh City?

The main required documents needed for the temporary resident card are:

- A written request from the inviting entity

- A declaration bearing a picture

- The passport

Papers proving your status (such as: Proof of residence registration with ward police where the applicant lives; Work permit (if applicable); Certificate, business registration certificate, licence for establishment of representative office, company branch (including announcement of activation), certificate of seal registration. In the case of family members, proof of relation can include a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or family book).

Note that any papers that are not in Vietnamese must be translated and notarised or legalised according to Vietnamese regulations.

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