Always a Woman to Me

Blogs - Vietnam: May 10, 2018

On the occasion of Mother's Day on 13 May, designer Li Lam launches the campaign that she has nurtured for a long time, "Always A Woman To Me", as a message to breast cancer patients in Vietnam and all over the world. The positive message that she wishes to spread is: "Women under any circumstances need to embrace their beauty and shine in their own way." Designer Li Lam really inspired breast cancer patients to love themselves and take good care of their look without being restrained by any barriers or insecurities. Under the sunset, as their body movements harmonized with the gentle waves of the ocean, these women could open their heart to find the inspiration and confidence to explore their beauty in Lam's clothes.


The designer’s passion to spread the aesthetic lifestyle to every women has never dried up. This time, designer Li Lam brought this positive energy to special women who are fighting breast cancer from the Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV) in a humane campaign called "Always A Woman To Me". No matter the circumstances, women can believe in themselves and love their body, so that self love and the love for life become as natural as breathing. With this message in mind, designer Li Lam and Lam team directly gave advice on style and applied makeup for 10 women of BCNV, bringing them a beautiful memory in the tranquil atmosphere of The Grand Ho Tram Strip.

Apart from having a beautiful appearance, feeling free in our soul is also a way to shine. The strength of spirit can help these women maintain their love for life and regain their confidence. To designer Li Lam, when a woman truly opens her heart, she brings a positive spirit to herself more than anyone else. Women who are fighting breast cancer need to love and take care of themselves more than ever.


Surrounded by the ocean at The Grand Ho Tram Strip, Lam team captured the lively moments of these beautiful women harmonizing with nature. Coming to this campaign, every women has the chance to get in touch with, understand and love their own body more. As one of the patients confided to us, "I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. And during that 7 years, whenever I walked down the street, at first I couldn’t get familiar with the fact that I lost a part of my body. I felt so insecure, and always looked down to figure out the differences between me and other women. And eventually I found nothing. I still have a friendly face, a body shape, just without my breasts, everything else still makes me a perfect woman."

Lam's clothes always aim at the liberation of the soul to seek complete freedom. The women in Lam's clothes seem to get rid of their self doubt, free themselves from beauty standards, and go back to the nature of themselves. Dressed in Lam, they can feel their skin gently touched by the delicate material, and the sensuality of their own bodies.


In the yoga session, they took a step back to enjoy the slow pace of life and listen to their bodies. They could understand what the body was saying, under the sunlight at daybreak. They no longer wanted to be restrained by the norms of the outside world. Each woman carried a story, and they had the chance to share their thoughts and hidden feelings with nature, the sea and everyone around. Lam's aesthetic style naturally awakened the instinct and the desire to rise up as a genuine woman in each of them.

The Breast Cancer Network Vietnam, founded by Thuong Sobey (1982-2015), is a broadly connected community of cancer patients across the country, developing support for patients in their time fighting with cancer. The organization's mission is to provide the right educational information about breast cancer to the public to raise awareness, strengthen prevention and early detection of breast cancer, and improve quality of life for people who have the disease as well as those who are indirectly affected by breast cancer.


Lam Boutique and the Breast Cancer Network Vietnam are deeply thankful for The Grand Ho Tram Strip for carefully preparing a relaxing space and accommodation near the beach for breast cancer patients. In addition, The Grand Ho Tram was very thorough in choosing healthy and nutritious meals for these patients.

Designer Li Lam believes that, with this meaningful campaign, together we can spread a positive message to Vietnamese breast cancer patients in particular and to everyone battling with breast cancer all over the world in general. "Be confident in your beauty, because you're always a woman to me."

Video source: Đông Trần

Image source: Lam Boutique