The 5 Worst Shots in Golf

activities - Vietnam: April 29, 2014

We have all suffered on the golf course, whether we are professional or amateur golfers.  Golf in Vietnam is no different and many extraordinary shots are hit every day.  I have seen them!  Listed below is the writer’s opinion of the five worst shots.

The tee shot. 

five bad shots in golfYou arrive on the first tee full of hope and expectation but with a little bit of trepidation.  Being the first tee, you do not want to make a fool of yourself but instead of taking an easier to hit five wood or four iron, you take the driver handed to you by your caddie.  After all, you do not want her to think you are a novice.  After no warm up on the practice range and a couple of good looking practice swings, you address the ball.

Your im/mediate thoughts are slow back swing and keep your eye on the ball.  Now with negative thoughts going through your mind – make sure you don’t miss the ball; don’t top it and don’t make a food of yourself – you finally take the quickest swing ever seen and hit the ball sideways with everyone running for cover. Your partner suggests you take a ‘mulligan” but you think it wise to walk on and pretend nothing has happened.  A sound decision.

The topped shot. 

Now you are into the swing of things and actually hitting the ball well.  You have 140 yards to the green and decide to hit an easy 7 iron.  You have carried out this shot well on many occasions and then disaster.  You hit the ball fat and it trickles a few yards forward and then you have to go all over the process again.

The “duffed” chip shot. 

golf jokeWe have all done it, myself on many occasions on many golf courses.  You picture an easy chip shot with your trusted 62 degree lob wedge and with chip and one putt in mind, you hit the ground first and the ball moves about two inches, or even worse, you hit the ball twice, the second time with your follow through.  Suddenly a par or bogey is looking like a double par or worse and you will have to go through the hole routine again.

The bunker shot. 

Professional golfers will tell you that hitting out of sand is the easiest shot to make.  Do not believe them!  Yes, they make it look so easy so why do we amateurs dread this shot so much?  The result is either leaving the ball in the same bunker and inevitably it rolls back into your deep footprints or you thin it and you end up on the other side of the green, playing the dreaded chip shot as per point #3.

The shank. 

golf cartoonDo not read this part if you are squeamish.  It may never happen to you and be thankful that it never will.  You are going along nicely, enjoying your round of golf and thinking maybe you can beat nett par.  Suddenly out of nowhere, you hit a shot with an iron and it goes sideways. 

A shank!  The worst word and the worst shot in golf.  Your playing partners cannot look at you.  You feel terrible, that horrible feeling in your stomach.  You try again.  Same result.  What can you do?  The best thing is to leave the golf course and try and find a golf teacher who will help – if you can find one.  Some golf pro’s will not talk to another golfer who has the shanks because they are afraid of catching this “disease” themselves. 

These are my thoughts of the worst shots in golf.  They have happened to me, an experienced golfer and I have seen it happen to golfers here in Vietnam and all over the world.  You are not alone!  If you have other examples of other worst shots, let us know.  Golf golfing to you all.



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