Because most of the resorts have terrible beach facilities, a good option is to stay in a cheaper room and spend your beach time at Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club which offers far better service and beach facilities.

More Where to Stay Venues

Hoan Cau Resort

A very strange place. A combination of statues of Vietnamese historical characters, run-down waterpark, and rooms shaped as trees. It ...

Aniise Villa Resort

One of the newer resorts, they offer standard rooms but also have a few large villas that are great for ...

Con Ga Vang Resort

A good value option, Con Ga Vang has a decent restaurant near the beach, beach chairs, and bungalows. The swimming ...

Bau Truc Resort

Formerlly called Den Gion, this resort has 3-star and 4-star bungalows. The infinity pool is huge but missing nice lounge ...

Thai Binh Duong Resort

A 2-star resort with run-down bungalows and unmaintained grounds. Prices are low, however.

Long Thuan Resort

The large resort in the bay, Long Thuan has hundreds of rooms and many bungalows near the beach. The pool ...

Saigon Ninh Chu Hotel

Owned and operated by Saigon Tourist, this 8 floor hotel is at the top of the range of options for ...

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