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Mekong+, incorporating Mekong Quilts and Mekong Creations, is  a social enterprise specializing in high quality, hand crafted quilts  and accessories. The Indo-Chine inspired quilt range uses patchwork, piecing and intricate stitch detail to create a contemporary aesthetic. They use only the highest quality silks and cottons, along with beautiful vintage ethnic embroideries in their products.

Mekong Plus

Their accessories range combines the use of sustainable and local raw materials such as bamboo, water hyacinth and papier-mache with traditional hand craftsmanship to create innovative designs such as Bamboo bikes and gift items.

Mekong+ products can also be custom made to meet clients’ individualized aesthetic, and to the high standard of ‘workwomanship’ that our reputation is built on.

Mekong Plus handmade

Mekong Quilts was established in 2001 as an income generation project under the umbrella of parent NGO, Mekong Plus. Quilting is labour intensive and requires minimum investment; a perfect employment activity. HCMC-based dentist Thanh Truong recognised these qualities and through her passion for quilts, began the programme with just 35 women, selling the quilts ‘Tupperware style’.

Following on from the success of Mekong Quilts, Mekong Creations was created in 2010 to diversify the product range.  Today Mekong+ engages over 340 women  in full time employment in communities northeast of Ho Chi Minh City,  Long My in the Mekong Delta and Rumdoul, Cambodia. All profits from products sold are returned to the villages both directly in the form of salaries, and  indirectly in funding for community development projects.

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