Benaras Indian Restaurant, Lounge & Bar

Situated on a side street in Ho Chi Minh City’s Ben Nghe District, just a stone’s throw from the famous Caravelle Hotel and the iconic Saigon Opera House, you can find Benaras Indian Restaurant and Lounge.


Benaras’ approach to Indian cuisine is not your standard fare. Their menu is extensive, specializing in the best of North Indian cuisine, including homestyle favourites, vegetarian dishes and some interesting takes on Indian street food, which have never been seen before in an Indian restaurant in Saigon.

All the Indian Food Favourites and More

Benaras Indian Restaurant, Lounge & Bar offers a wide selection of dishes including favourites such as chicken tikka masala and butter naan. Diners with more adventurous palates will enjoy looking through the menu to find unusual choices such as the laal maas (Rajisthani goat curry), as well as many authentic Indian street foods that are not available in other restaurants in Saigon. Makki ki roti, which is a popular flatbread from the Punjab region, is a great choice for those looking for authentic Indian food in Ho Chi Minh City.


In the true Hindu spirit Benaras Indian Restaurant, Lounge & Bar has an extensive vegetarian menu. Ask your friendly server to guide your selection of dishes with ingredients ranging from aubergine to spinach to chickpea daal.


A Modern Atmosphere for your Well-Being at Benaras Indian Restaurant in Saigon

The restaurant also boasts a lounge within which one can enjoy live sports, music, movies, and karaoke, all while enjoying drinks from Benaras’ full bar. The lounge is well-lit with a welcoming ambience. The black wood bar where the bartender mixes both classic and original cocktails is set with earthy tones and customers can relax there in luxurious velour chairs. There is also a large room upstairs with a buffet perfect for large groups. Here Benaras Indian Restaurant can take advantage of its close proximity to some of Saigon’s major conference-holding hotels.


Benaras is the former name of the city now known as Varanasi, which is an iconic, cultural and spiritual epicenter in India. According to Hindu legend, the city is more than 5,000 years old and is home to Kashi Vishvanath Temple, one of the most famous Hindu temples dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva.

Words of affirmation and symbols related to spirituality and well-being are posted all around the restaurant. Some restaurants use these images as simple decoration but at Benaras Indian Restaurant they feel like sincere wishes to be bestowed upon their patrons. The kind service at Benaras clearly aims to be a reflection of these values. If you’re looking for an Indian Restaurant in Saigon with both great food and a strong cultural spirit, Benaras Indian Restaurant is the place to go.


What Others Say About Benaras Indian Restaurant

Benaras Indian Restaurant has earned itself a whopping 4.5/5 stars on TripAdvisor with many reviewers raving about its authenticity and great service. Many others are impressed by the fine dining atmosphere, including the bar and lounge.


What We Say About Benaras Indian Restaurant

Benaras is ideal for enjoying healthy versions of authentic Northern Indian food in Saigon. The wide range of dishes available is impressive, to say the least, with delightful homestyle specialities that will impress diners who are looking to experience a taste of Indian soul food in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1.