Bamboo Chic at Le Meridien

Wondering where to eat something different and exciting in Saigon? Le Meridien’s Bamboo Chic restaurant combines an inspiring view of the Saigon River, an inventive Japanese and Chinese fusion food menu, and a rock-solid cocktail list to create a classy and modern dining experience.

To clarify, Bamboo Chic is the hotel brand’s exclusive restaurant for Le Meridien hotels around the globe. There is true respect for both fusion cuisine and presentation here - you can see how dedicated the hotel is to the fusion concept, from the cocktails to the dishes to the meshed Japanese and Chinese decor.


Wall-to-wall windows overlook the city below. There are some excellent window seats the look out over part of the city, the waterfront and the rapid development of District 2 just across Saigon River.

Green, blue and orange lighting create a nice effect that plays well with Saigon’s natural evening light. The bar is a cozy space in the center, surrounded by comfortable velvet chairs and dining tables, with wooden flooring winding around the venue.

A beaded chandelier inspired by the Saigon River hangs on top. The space looks great at night and fits the cuisine well.


The head bartender has quite a few years of experience behind him, which is comforting because there are some interesting-sounding cocktails on the menu. The drinks take time and attention to make, but come out up to standards.

The dishes don’t take very long to land on your table, and are served by attentive staff who speak decent English. The manager on location provides excellent recommendations and she knows the menu inside out.

Food & Drink

Fusion cuisine is a growing trend in Ho Chi Minh City, but there are few genuine fusion restaurants. Many dabble, while few invest time and resources to really unleash their creativity with the fusion cuisine concept.

Le Meridien and Bamboo Chic have spared little expense. Frederic, the executive chef at Bamboo Chic, worked five years in the culinary scene in China before moving to Vietnam.

This is where he got the inspiration for the fusion elements in the menu’s eclectic selection of dishes. The menu itself was spearheaded by both Frederic and Duc, a local chef who won the Iron Chef Vietnam competition.

Bamboo Chic has a simple cocktail menu consisting of tasty concoctions, including three sake cocktails, five signatures, four martinis and four margaritas. Classic cocktails are readily available. stopped by for dinner at Bamboo Chic to try the eatery’s interesting fusion menu:

Manhattan: A more robust alternative to the classic Manhattan, this one has no cherry and more bourbon. Smooth and packing a punch, if you’re a bourbon fan you will appreciate the tougher personality of this classic drink.

Side note: cocktail snacks include Japanese edamame fried using Chinese cooking methods.

Bamboo Cocktail: We should have had this one before the Manhattan, because it’s a good starter. Contains lime juice, pineapple and Captain Morgan. A tad sour and not too sweet, it’s a refreshing drink.

Sashimi Platter: The sashimi platter includes salmon belly - in our opinion the best part of the fish - scallop, tuna and octopus. The fish is remarkably fresh and fatty, a great start.

Peking Duck & Crispy Filo Prawn: We tried two varieties of Bamboo Chic’s fusion sushi. Both the prawn and duck in the two sets exhibited the fatty, savory flavors of traditional Chinese cuisine, which paired really well with the clean, no-frills rice and seaweed.

Vegetable Wakame Salad: If you enjoy seaweed salads, wakame is a more interesting variation. Seaweed, sesame and soy sauce are well paired with fruit, soft avocado slices and edamame beans.

Tom Yum: Mussels, clam, sea bass, scallop and Chinese vegetables fill the base of the soup. The soup is cleaner and less spicy than its true Thai counterpart, and while tasty does not feel as true as it could be to the original.

Lobster Gyoza: Gyoza dumplings are traditionally served with pork. At Bamboo Chic, the pork is replaced with lobster, with a side of tomato sauce. This is a great take on the classic dumplings and the sauce is a great compliment.

Slow Cooked Scallops and Lobster Claw: Soft, wonderfully cooked scallops and lobster with dried tomato, zucchini, pineapple, chile pepper and more.

Pineapple “Carpaccio”: The sorbet comes with a side of cream, cookie crumbs, raspberries and pineapple. You are encouraged to mix these side ingredients as you please, to experiment and find your own favorite flavor.

What Can Be Improved

– The glass tables are on the small side, especially when there are more than a few dishes on the table.

What People Say

Besides a few comments regarding the small size of the glass tables, reviews are positive, praising the food and the sake cocktails. At the time of writing, Bamboo Chic holds a four bubble rating on TripAdvisor with just under 10 reviews.

Online Reservation

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 6 p.m. - 1 a.m.


3C Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




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