Top 7 Nightclubs in Saigon

drink - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 19, 2017

With such a dazzling array of nightlife choices in Saigon, it can be difficult to decide where you and your friends will throw your hat. Do you want outrageously loud techno? Cheaper prices with twice as much crowd? Rest assured, there’s a club in Ho Chi Minh City just waiting to give you a night to remember.


Envy takes going out to the next level. Housed in three levels of art-deco luxury, Envy’s owners do everything in their power to make your night unforgettable. These memories will likely center around the many theatrical touches Envy offers, including pole dancing and trapeze artists. With an interior doused in purple and pink, the lights are as much a part of the show as the performers.

Envy Club

Partygoers dance to a backdrop of LED lights and revel in a state-of-the-art sound system, making every night akin to dancing in a glittering jewelry box. Recently named one of the best clubs in the world by Finest Clubs, this is definitely a prime reason to gather your friends for a evening of fun-filled debauchery and luxury.

$$$ | Entry Fee Varies | EDM, Guest DJs | High Volume | Mixed Crowd | Good toilets | OK English

74 - 76 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, D1
+84 28 3913 8168
9:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.


While not the oldest in this list, Lush remains the quintessential nightspot in Ho Chi Minh City. Maybe some venues have flashier light systems or higher decibel levels, but none come as close to the true definition of a club as this multi-room, sensory-pleasing fundome.

You are presented with three paths as you step through the wide-open metal doors. Stray off to the right to enter the underground-inspired room, full of grinning hipsters, drunk expats and crop-topped, sweatpants-ed Vietnamese hip-hop girls swinging wildly to the beat. Venture to the left to get an open-air shortcut to the quieter bar-lounge area doused in a green-hue and patrons slinging their drinks and taking a break from dance floor activities. Do you want a shower of bass and party-hard dancers pumping the night away? Enter through the central doors and into the main arena, with a large central bar working hard to meet the demands of the patrons.


Is exclusivity your game? You have a few options. You can dash up one of two staircases to a tables-and-sofas-only area, where your group of merry sinners can down a bottle or five while enjoying an aerial overview of the pulsating party crown in the main arena below. Or, you scoot off into one of the booths to the side of the arena

With badass anime women and other eclectic art dousing the walls, a maze of LEDed areas each presenting a different personality, and laid-back management, Lush is one for the ages. Go there.

$$ | VND100,000 during ladies nights and special events | EDM, Top 40, Hip-Hop | Medium Volume | Mixed Crowd | Mediocre Toilets | OK English

2 Ly Tu Trong, D1
+84 28 3910 4199
8 p.m. to late

Apocalypse Now

The seedy grandaddy of the nightlife scene, Apocalypse Now has been getting people wasted and wild for 25 years now, thanks in no small part to its shameless approach to the carnal desires of the after-hours crowd that haunts its presence.

You have the downstairs area, with a nice little garden area to the side where people go off to make phone calls or chat, and the underworld of an arena. Everyone swarms around the raised DJ booth towards the end, leaving some legroom throughout the rest of the floor.


Unfortunately, it is lined with ladies of the night beckoning patrons with soft touches or cliched phrases. Upstairs is better, with a wide range of theme nights rotating every month. The music here dips into hip hop, Latin, electronica and other fun domains that put the downstairs house-light tracklist to utter shame.

For those who like the feel of sweaty crowds jumping to ear-banging bass, head down towards the DJ booth, otherwise you’ll feel rightly comfortable shaking your thing in the more tasteful upstairs area.

$$ | Entry Fee Varies | EDM, Top-40 Downstair, Latin, Hip Hop | High Volume | Mixed Crowd | Mediocre Toilets | OK English

2B Thi Sach, D1
+84 28 3825 6124

7 p.m. to 4 a.m.


The club-subset of Glow Skybar, this posh little pleasure den packs some serious volume. Leave your after-work conversations for the rooftop bar and gather your friends around one of the plush lounge seating areas for a night of miming and serious dancing. With stellar service for paying patrons and a crowd to fit the budget, this one avoids the grungy feelings of Apo in favour of refined hard partying. Live performances are sensuous, fun, crazy and definitely flesh out the already-sleek atmosphere that just oozes cool.

$$$ | Free Entrance | MUSIC GENRES TBD | High Volume | Refined Crowd | Clean Toilets | Good English

13th Floor, President Place Building, 93 Nguyen Du, D1
+84 93 800 7529
9:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Canalis Club

Loud, intense, and very Vietnamese, this hyperbolic laser-fest is as Vina-house as you can get. Limited dancing room, pricy tables and a suspended DJ cage with live dancers make this quite a spectacle, but little more than that. Volume is deafening to the point of ztexting your table friends. But if aesthetic raa-raa is your game, Canalis is all the lights, technics and cool effects you can ask for.

$$ | Free Entrance | EDM-fest | Very High Volume | Vietnamese Crowd | Clean Toilets | Poor English |

147 Hai Ba Trung, D1
+84 16 6839 3969
8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Spark Nightclub

Previously the Iris Lounge, Spark has a welcome-everybody vibe with cushy seats, enough legroom to walk around and groove, and crisp, pumping music supported by trippy visuals from the screen behind the dancefloor. A fast-service bar is very willing to aid you with some liquid courage; on that note, the bathrooms have plenty of stalls and are kept immaculate.

Spark night club 

$$ | Entrance Fee Varies | EDM, Dance, Hip-Hop | High Volume | Mixed Crowd | Clean Toilets | Good English

107 Pasteur, D1
+84 96 999 1199
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The Observatory

An expat-heavy, grungy, dark nightspot in District 4, this is a staple among the English-speaking community. More of a den than a flashy club, it waves a dirty finger at everything mainstream and instead opts to blast eclectic electronica other clubs wouldn’t touch, often featuring famous underground DJs.

Photo by: Anyarena

The small, cramped dancefloor is streaked with the shadows of tokers, hipsters, drunk travellers and the Viet hip-hop crowd, who dance with no reservations. This is the antithesis of see-and-be-seen and if that’s your thing, throw on a ragged t-shirt and some Levis and head on over to the Observatory to stomp to some strange electronic music.

$ | Free Entrance Before 11 a.m. and VND150,000 After | Electronica | Medium Volume | Foreigner Crowd | Mediocre Toilets | Good English

5 Nguyen Tat Thanh, D1
+84 28 3925 9415
8 p.m. to 2 a.m.