Envy Club Grand Opening

drink - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 23, 2017

With the red carpet rolled-out ready to be graced by the heels of Saigon's who’s-who, torrential rain, floods nor traffic mayhem could stand in the way of the grandiose opening of Saigon’s newest addition to the buzzing nightlife scene.

With the champagne and Chivas 18 flowing faster than the Mekong, the only thing that needed quenching was the crowd's thirst to witness the premiere performances of Envy's in-house theatrical performers. After placing ourselves front-and-centre in the pulpit-type area next to the stage, our hearts began thumping faster to the beat of the djembe drummers who had now encircled us.

What then followed can only be described as a mesmerising display of aerial silk acrobatics that had our gaze set firmly on the ceiling and our jaws dropped unflatteringly to the floor. The grand finale then began to bear down on us from above (literally), as what we first thought to be a lighting rig descended upon us, revealing its true nature as a suspended stage with a dance performance.

Envy's manager Mr. Vu mentioned during his opening speech that, “Envy wants to be Vietnam's premiere nightlife venue and put Saigon and Vietnam on the map with the other Asian players like Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

“We can say that if the opening night and the subsequent nights that have been enjoyed by many are anything to go by, it certainly won't be long before this aim is reached.”

Envy has many different areas to view the performances from, with some being better than others. It was only th e day after the opening that a friend (who was also in attendance but standing on the balcony) told me that there were dancers on the descending stage that were not visible from my vantage-point in the pulpit.

Also, with such a spectacular show that you don't want to take your eyes off, you may end the evening needing a neck massage after gazing to the heavens for so long and taking in all the action.

For more details check out Envy's facebook page (facebook.com/envyclubsaigon) or call the booking hotline (+84 9 0318 8969).

Post By: Jamie

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