You’re Invited to Club V’s First Birthday Party

Daily News - Saigon/HCMC: Dec. 10, 2018

No plans for Saturday? Consider this your official invitation to Club V’s first birthday party, albeit this one has a twist: no need to bring gifts, as the hosts will be the ones giving presents away.

In a bold buck of convention for its first anniversary, Club V will celebrate its birthday by celebrating its guests.

The club will reward those who join the Club V family during the event with a US$20 credit to wager with.

With just your passport and a short registration form, aspirants can become Club V members on anniversary night and get the credit for immediate use. No minimum balance or other funny business is required to gain membership.

Joining Club V gets players in to a competitive leveled membership. In ascending order, member levels are ONE, V, I and P. New members will join at the P level.

Club V will have something for everyone, but the club will reward its higher tier members with the best prizes of the night.

Club credit will also be given with the simple completion of a short survey. Completed surveys will rewarded with credits for all members but the P-level members.

Credits will be issued in amounts corresponding to members’ levels. Members at the I level will receive a US$100 credit for their completed survey, while V-level members will get a US$300 credit, and members in the One level will get a US$500 playable credit.

Starting at 3 p.m., Club V will hold its regular drawings. Some are reserved for upper tier players, but three will be available for all customers. As they do every Saturday at 9 p.m., Club V will also hold an all-member Daily Lucky Draw for prizes up to US$900 for its highest level members. Members in the P Level—including newly minted members who join that night—are eligible for US$100 prizes.

A lineup of seven similar drawings will be held Saturday night.

They’ll be serving wine and champagne in the gaming club and patrons will enjoy a buffet dinner from 3 p.m. until midnight. But they won’t stop you if you haven’t yet had you fill of games by day’s end—Club V is a 24-hour establishment and they’re ready to game whenever you are.

Club V

A Modern Touch

Club V offers four main games—blackjack, baccarat, roulette and slots—inside it's spacious and modern gaming room floor, with architecture and decor on par with something you’ll see inside a Western gaming facility.

Evocative design touches grace each area of the club, from the midnight-blue bathing the gaming floor to the yellow light flowing over the roulette area.

The feeling of class starts at the gaming club’s host hotel, the immaculate Pullman Saigon Center. Visitors enter a polished gold elevator mirrored to see themselves in something rich.

The luxurious, up-to-date feel of the club is driven by the location’s unique just-under-ostentatious aesthetic. The 62 polished slot machines at the facility are matched with rows of cream-coloured leather chairs.

Contests A Plenty

For Club V’s anniversary, they’ll hold a series of contests similar to those offered daily to players, so everyone can play and win two different ways.

Take the slot machines, for example. Even if you miss each of your bets, you may still earn a big prize just for playing. Slot players are placed inside a drawing for large cash bounties given in regular contests through generous payouts, usually in the thousands.

That’s thousands of U.S. dollars, not Vietnamese Dong.

Club V boasts these prizes in a board, which greets visitors as they enter the gaming room. It’s not unheard of for the club to give away tens of thousands of U.S. dollars in a single day.

Club V

Members Get It All

Joining Club V’s thousands of members on Saturday gets you more than just the US$20 gift. You also get access to rewards program, with the possibility of rich prizes.

The membership program offers perks like free lodging at the Pullman Saigon Center hotel, airfare and spa service for those who graduate to the higher tiers of membership. If you’ve got a hot hand, the club rewards you with higher membership status and bigger prizes.

Winner’s Dinner

Club V’s wining and dining isn’t done when the anniversary ends.

An in-house bar and restaurant located inside of Club V stands ready to serve members who return after Saturday with international cuisine, including Chinese and Korean food. Members and other Club V guests can dine on a beef bulgogi Korean barbecue dish prepared fresh and served by friendly, professional waitstaff.

Club V serves a selection of wines and beers as well as Western and local-style coffee so guests can maintain peak bonhomie.

How You Get There

The centrally located Pullman Saigon Center is accessible from all parts of the city. The club also offers a shuttle to collect players from Binh Duong, which runs every Saturday and Sunday.

So come for the birthday, and don’t worry about bringing presents: gifts are already in-house.

Image source: Club V