What To Do This Weekend? 11 - 13 August

Daily News - Saigon/HCMC: July 16, 2018

The week is nearly over so what better way to celebrate its end than by enjoying a glorious weekend? Whether you’re up for a rave, some visual stimulation, attempting to learn a new skill, or maybe you just wanna chill and get away from it all, that’s fine too.

Here’s a short and handy guide on what you can possibly do over the weekend.

You’re welcome.


Friday: It’s going to be a weekend filled with diverse options for the partying crowd. Piu Piu will play host to Underground Volume 1 with Sinister Records on Friday. Dominating the underground music scene in the UK for the last three years, they will bring their signature heavy bass sounds to Saigon with the help of some of the biggest names in their inventory, like Sub Zero, Guv and Majistrate.

For the millennials, relive your teenage years with a 90s dance party at May Cay. Featuring music from an era that brought us The Spice Girls, TLC and Nirvana, it’s bound to bring some memories back.

weekendImage source: facebook.com/maycaybistro

If you’re looking to shake things up with some latin fare, check out Cuban Nights featuring Cuban band Corazon Latino at Cuba La Casa Del Mojito.

And if you’re up for a speakeasy bar experience complete with some electro swing music, head down to Snuffbox, get yourself a cocktail or two and celebrate the end of prohibition with resident DJ Providence from Singapore.

Saturday: ARCAN’s Konnected Beats will return at Last Call with a solid lineup of underground electronic fare ranging from deep house to techno to trance throughout the night. Here you’ll enjoy a multi-national lineup of DJs from Indonesia, France, Spain and, of course, Vietnam.

Sunday: Most parties start at night and end in the morning. Flip that around this weekend with Vitamin D: Sunday Rooftop Party at Broma where the party starts at 5 a.m. and ends at sunset. Just because it’s Sunday.


Friday: Soul Live Project is co-hosting ‘The Ultimate’ concert with the US Consulate General featuring DJ Verseatle from Houston, Texas along with emerging local artists including Soul Live Project’s bands and The Hunter Saigon, whose drummer is a 10-year-old who won last year’s Vietnam’s Got Talent.


Friday: If you’re looking for some visual stimulation (and want to support young local talent), head down to Vin Gallery for the opening of a show called “2:1” on Friday, which will feature the works of photographer Ao Kim Ngan a.k.a Yatender.

Saturday: The 5th installment of Saigon Skill, also into its one-year anniversary, will feature some of Saigon’s best homegrown and foreign visual artists, such as Suby One, Lee Wessels, Anh Nguyen and more this Saturday at La Fenetre Soleil.

weekendImage source: facebook.com/lafenetre.soleil.3

Interested to be a digital storyteller but not sure where to start? Creative Session 3 with Linh Phan might be a useful start as she will discuss the methodology, challenges and successes of digital storytelling and will showcase two projects — certainly a good learning resource for you. It’s happening at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre.


Friday/Saturday: A weekend market on full blast, check out Hello Weekend Market at Nha Van Hoa Thanh Nien on Friday and Saturday, which will feature around 100 booths filled with unique items ranging from fashion and cosmetics to home decor from 100 brands, all being sold at discounted prices.

The Saigon Central Market at 23/9 park is always an option, with more than 50 stalls and a whole assortment of interesting items on sale.


Saturday: For those of you with a green thumb, take part in the three-day Flowers Workshop at Pilosa Garden where you’ll get to practise the art of making and arranging a flower bouquet with the help of professionals.

weekendImage source: facebook.com/pilosa.garden


If you want to take a break and unwind with a movie, here’s a list of the features you can catch.

If you want to see a Western movie, check out Cars 3, The Dark Tower, The Emoji Movie, Short Caller, Annabelle: Creation and Security.

For Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese movies, here are your options: 200 Pounds Beauty, The Adventurers, Once Upon a Time, Gintama, Co Gai Den Tu Hom Qua, The House That Never Dies 2 and Fabricated City.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

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