Kings of the Sea: Caravelle Saigon’s July Tapas Menu

Alaskan king crabs, Canadian lobsters, Korean abalone, Matura tuna, A5 Hitachi Wagyu and Chilean sea urchin will headline one of the most impressive dinner promotions at Caravelle Saigon this coming July. From July 11 to July 29, dinners at the Café de l’Opera will be taken over by one of the most exquisite menus in the city.

From the live display of Alaskan king crab (VND6,500,000++) and Canadian lobster (VND1,500,000++), guests can have them served as sashimi, steamed, grilled or however they choose, all expertly prepared and plated before their eyes by highly experienced chefs at the Tapas Kitchen adjacent to Café de l’Opera.

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While these rare Alaskan king crabs and Canadian lobsters promise to steal the show, they will be ably supported by an ensemble of tasty delights from both land and sea, particularly from Chile.

According to executive chef Darren Watson, Chile has great shellfish, and while it is less well-known this side of the Pacific, he believes the quality of its sea urchin and scallops is excellent because they are plucked from some of the most pristine waters on the planet.

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These will be a highlight along with the Korean abalone (VND650,000++), which, apart from the local variety, is the only live abalone of high quality the chef has been able to source in Vietnam.

Other specialities to look out for in this impressive Japanese-inspired tapas menu include the Matura tuna otoro carpaccio, delicately wrapped around a rich foie gras torchon with Japanese dressing (VND699,000++), a delightful contrast to the overtly textural assorted seaweed salad with sesame dressing (VND320,000++) that bursts and pops with every bite.

A touch more subtle in flavour, but no less impressive, is the almost translucent deep-sea scallop carpaccio with hazelnut, yuzu and chili dressing with sous-vide cucumber (VND450,000++). Citrusy and spicy, this dish will have you reaching for the sake as the perfect accompaniment to set those taste buds alight.

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The menu also includes Japanese favourites such as grilled eel and avocado (VND390,000++), prawn tempura (VND390,000++) and assorted sashimi on sushi rice (VND350,000++) plated up by sushi chef Bao who has had around two decades of experience in Japanese cuisine.

Each night of the promotion there will be five different styles of sake to pair with your tapas selections. Caravelle Saigon’s staff will be on-hand to offer pairing advice if you are not sure whether to have namachozo (VND600,000++), nigori sake (VND680,000++), daiginjo (VND1,860,000++) or ozeki sake (VND620,000++).

Dinner at any time of the year at Café de l’Opera offers an experience like no other, in an iconic setting overlooking one of Vietnam’s most storied intersections. Friendly service in sophisticated and atmospheric surroundings promises this feast of kings to be one of the culinary highlights of the year in Vietnam’s most exciting and alluring city.

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