Hanoi Authorities Warn Locals not to Eat Dead Fish from West Lake - News on 3 October 2016

Daily News - Saigon/HCMC: Oct. 3, 2016

1) Hanoi authorities warn locals not to eat dead fish from West Lake

The killer behind the tons of dead fish that have washed up in the capital's largest lake remains at large.

Several tons of dead fish that have washed up in Hanoi’s West Lake were likely killed by a lack of oxygen, said the city’s government.

In a statement, the city strongly warned the public against eating the dead fish until the cause of their deaths is ascertained.

Some of the dead fish have been sent for testing and the results should provide conclusive evidence, environmental authorities said, without indicating when the results would be released.

Fish were found floating all over the 500-hectare (1,235-acre) West Lake, with locals first coming across them last Friday night, said Pham Van Dong, an executive for the West Lake Environment Company, which is in charge of cleaning up rubbish from the lake.

Dong said the die-off was “unprecedented” and “abnormal”, and that “it was a significant number”.

“This is the most …

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2) You can’t predict the weather: Saigon soaked in surprise downpour

Weather forecasters got it wrong, making it doubly annoying for residents.

Ho Chi Minh City entered the new working week with hours of rain on Monday morning, frustrating many people who were told it would pour over a weekend that remained perfectly dry.

The rain started after midnight and became heavier all over the city, making it difficult for people going to get to work and school. It only ceased after eight hours at 10 a.m.

Traffic was jammed for hours in many downtown areas, while there was flooding in District 2, in District 9 and several streets in the flood-prone District 7.

Earlier, the Southern Hydrometeorology Forecasting Center said there would be heavy rains in the city on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon due to a tropical low pressure system along the central coast.

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3) Bugs vs drugs: A solution is now a problem

There are times when there’s bad news and even worse news.

One such time is dealing with the problem of drug-resistant diseases in Việt Nam and elsewhere .

Trung (not real name) was hospitalised a month ago after showing symptoms of pneumonia. After four days of treatment, however, his condition did not improve and he lost consciousness. Doctors at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hà Nội had to resort to endotracheal intubation (an emergency procedure) to keep him alive.

Susceptibility testing showed that he was resistant to all types of antibiotics except for colistin - a toxic antibiotic used to treat only the worst drug-resistant infections. After a month on endotracheal intubation…

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4) Better life for relocated people

 Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has ordered officials to guarantee an improved standard of living for those people relocated due to construction of the Sơn La hydropower plant.

He noted that operation of the hydropower plant will spur socio-economic development in the northwestern region.

Speaking at a conference in the northern mountainous province of Điện Biên on Saturday, the Prime Minister said the resettlement work has been carried out over the past 15 years and needs to ensure that those in relocated households have improved spiritual, material, and cultural lives.

The foreseeable task is to assure good employment and education for children in families being relocated, he said.

He also requested the State Steering Committee for Sơn La Hydropower Project to pay more attention to creating social infrastructure projects, developing rural areas

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Header photo by: Ria Tan



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