Government Orders Street Art Venue 3A Station to Close

Daily News - Saigon/HCMC: May 21, 2018

“[W]e are very sorry to say that our company has received a notice from the authorities to cease operations and relocate for the purpose of reclaiming this land to serve urban development projects for the city.”

It’s a kick in the teeth for Saigon’s art lovers: 3A Station will close on 1 May 2017. After three years, during which it became the city’s headquarters for its independent art scene, municipal authorities asked the creators of the art space to leave the premises.

3A Station to Become The Nexus

3A Station (Alternative Art Area), tucked away in the 3A alley off Ton Duc Thang Street – precious land thanks to today’s hot real estate market – will be turned into a 40-storey shopping and entertainment complex called The Nexus, which will include a commercial centre, a business hotel, an office space and several apartment buildings.

The Nexus

It seems ironic that this street art centre, which has hosted numerous vibrant events and street art fairs in the last three years, now has to give way to one of the municipal government’s mass-market projects. However, who could expect it to be exempted from the authority’s hard line goal of transforming Saigon into one of Asia’s premier financial and commercial hubs?

A Historical Site

The 2,000 , graffiti-art-strewn area is currently home to art galleries, cafes, food stores, boutiques and design shops. In 2014, the minds behind 3A Station restored a French-era building that once consecutively housed intelligence agencies of South Vietnam, the American CIA and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

3A station

The management is determined to relocate their unique art project. A matching location, however, has yet to be found.