Yersin Market

This bunker-like building on Yersin Street near Saigon's backpacker area in District 1 sells army gear, boots, gas masks, electronics and even imported industrial equipment. Find anything you might need for a camping trip, a military dress party or a burgeoning private army. Mostly a hassle-free, surplus-shopping experience, Yersin market, aka Dan Sinh Market, provides the goods you need without the madding crowds or zealous vendors.

The street was named after the Swiss/French physician, Alexandre Yersin, who discovered the bubonic plague bacillus, settled in Nha Trang and founded several medical institutes in Vietnam.

Yersin market, in HCMC's District 1, features a labyrinth of vendor stalls that sell mostly war surplus gear and memorabilia. Stock up on boots, helmets, compasses, knives - anything required or imagined for a serious backwoods camping trip will be found for sale here. If you're a war memorabilia collector, you'll be in heaven at Yersin, for there is an outstanding selection of dog tags, military regalia, Vietcong insignia, medals and functioning Zippo lighters supposedly retrieved from the grounds of the American War. Should you require power tools, nuts and bolts or the like, this is the place in Saigon to find them. Yersin market has everything including, yes, the kitchen sink.



104 Yersin, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




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